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  1. Everybody must get stoned -Bob Dylan
  2. Games people play-the Alan Parsons project
  3. Sunday morning-the velvet underground
  4. derek R


    Hey man thanks,i spend to much money on guitars,but if my better half let’s me then I’m not complaining.
  5. Thanks j45nick hopefully from here on in i can maybe move forward and start to build on where i am regarding Gibson acoustics,so far all my Gibson’s are electric,so maybe i can justify spending the same amount on acoustic guitars as i do on electrics,in which case i should be able to buy some nice acoustics (ha ha ,if my better half lets me).
  6. derek R


    New g45studio acoustic guitar i bought a couple of days ago,still playing it and getting used to it,absolutely lovely guitar straight out the box it doesn’t seem to need a setup so far and everything about it is Gibson quality and am very pleased with it ,hopefully its better than my Martin acoustic that i can’t seem to take to at all,if this guitar is a keeper then hopefully i can move onto a better Gibson acoustic. derek r
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