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  1. Everybody must get stoned -Bob Dylan
  2. Games people play-the Alan Parsons project
  3. Sunday morning-the velvet underground
  4. derek R


    Hey man thanks,i spend to much money on guitars,but if my better half let’s me then I’m not complaining.
  5. Thanks j45nick hopefully from here on in i can maybe move forward and start to build on where i am regarding Gibson acoustics,so far all my Gibson’s are electric,so maybe i can justify spending the same amount on acoustic guitars as i do on electrics,in which case i should be able to buy some nice acoustics (ha ha ,if my better half lets me).
  6. derek R


    New g45studio acoustic guitar i bought a couple of days ago,still playing it and getting used to it,absolutely lovely guitar straight out the box it doesn’t seem to need a setup so far and everything about it is Gibson quality and am very pleased with it ,hopefully its better than my Martin acoustic that i can’t seem to take to at all,if this guitar is a keeper then hopefully i can move onto a better Gibson acoustic. derek r
  7. Hi everyone,just thought I’d give an update on where I’m at in my quest for a new Gibson acoustic. I was in town the other day with my better half,i wasn’t even out looking for a new guitar but ended up going round the guitar shops and ended up in the main store in the city,whilst there i had the chance to try out a few of the Gibson’s they had as the store was quiet and as I’ve said I’m quite apprehensive about my playing and playing in front of other people so i took the time try the guitars out. After spending some time with the guitars i settled on a g45 studio,not a high end acoustic (it can come later),i felt the walnut and spruce combination gave me a brighter tone i was looking for compared to the Martin i have. I know that this guitar is not typical of what Gibson acoustics sound like because of the wood used but for the time being it’s giving me more of a tone I’m looking for and the feel of the neck and spacing of the frets seem to be a whole lot more playable than the neck on my Martin. If the playability of this guitar is typical of Gibson acoustics then hopefully in the future i can invest in a more high end guitar but for now I’m enjoying the guitar I’ve bought,it’s so much easier to play and sounds more “open” than the Martin. What i will say is that you read about the quality of Gibson’s not being great but i must say that this guitar straight out the box is bang on,i don’t see any issues with the finish,the setup of the guitar is pretty much bang on playability wise with nothing needing done so far,I’ll play it for another couple of weeks but as i said everything about how the guitar is just now is good,I’m very pleased with the finish and playability of it and reenforces my love of Gibson guitars. Now some pictures thanks again to everyone who took the time to reply to my original post and give their views and thoughts its much appreciated. derek r
  8. The wild the willing and the innocent-UFO
  9. I bought my last les paul studio because i was looking for one with an ebony fretboard,as an added bonus the fretboard had no inlays on it.
  10. Hi,yes it’s been a while since i posted on here. I haven’t been able to move forward with a new acoustic what with covid overtaking our lives,but hopefully i can start to think about it now things are starting to ease off a bit,i bought a new Gibson electric guitar that included a couple of amps in the deal so I’m thinking i can maybe trade one of my other electrics and the amps towards a new acoustic guitar. Thanks to everyone that replied to my query,having read through them ,if i can i hope that i can try out some guitars that have been suggested,particularly the j45s,as I’ve said I’m looking for something a bit brighter than the Martin i bought,maybe the Martin can be traded in with the other gear i have,i just don’t know yet which way to go about it. I love my Gibson’s and a Gibson acoustic would certainly be nice,when i started on this journey of playing guitar as a hobby Gibson’s just seemed to be the guitars that spoke to me,so to complete my collection as such a nice Gibson acoustic is something that I’ve thought about,whether that’s just wishful thinking or as someone said it’s sellers remorse (although i didn’t actually sell my Simon and Patrick acoustic),I’m looking for something that’s brighter than my Martin,a spruce top acoustic is what I’m thinking i should be looking at. Again thanks to everyone for their input derek R
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