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  1. Hey guys, I am picking up a 50 watt Marshall Vintage Modern head on Friday and was wondering what speaker cabs you would suggest to go along with it. I was going to go with the run-of-the-mill Marshall 1960A slant cab until the sales guy recommended I used the Vintage Modern 425 cab with greenback speakers. Comparing the two I really don't notice a difference, so is it worth the extra $200? I'm open to other brands too, but Marshall was my first thought as I'm looking for a 4x12 closed cab. I play a lot of classic rock and blues (as you can probably tell by my username) so I want something lo
  2. If we had a horn section backing us up then it'd definitely be on the list.
  3. and... we're back on page one. more posts would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks. It's tough to come up with well-known covers for a venue like this when you're short a 4th member.
  5. It was our drummer's idea. I don't want to play it either.
  6. Hey guys... for those of you who remember me, I know I haven't been on this forum for ages. I quit posting around this time last year because things just got too busy, and I never started back up again. ANYWAY... my band has been hired to play at the beer gardens for the Canada Day celebrations in my hometown, and we're trying to brainstorm good danceable songs. Keep in mind there's only 3 of us - guitar, bass, drums - and therefore we can't do a lot of the synth-filled 80s music like Bryan Adams or Whitesnake that would normally fit into a show like this. We'd also like to include so
  7. Either a Marshall DSL-100, a Vox AC30 or a Fender Princeton Reverb. hell, I don't care, whatever works best for you.
  8. ...but I do. After deciding for the last 8 months that my next guitar will undoubtedly be a 1962 Strat RI, I've suddenly changed my mind. I was in a local vintage guitar shop the other day (just for kicks) and the owner showed me a 1965 all original Epiphone Olympic. (for those of you who don't know, it's got a thin mahogany body, two single-coil pickups, two volume, two tone, set neck, etc. can't post pics at the moment.) I have to say that after comparing it rather vigorously to the Strat, I like it a whole lot better. And it's the same price - roughly $1500 CDN. the Epiphone doesn't have th
  9. This has nothing to do with Canada vs America or any of that crap, just simple statistics, building on what djorge1 said: Washington, DC (and surrounding suburbs) and the Greater Toronto Area both have a population of around 6 million people. In 2005 (2006?) DC had over 1000 gun murders. Toronto had 18. The difference: down south in the US, gun laws are lax at best (or at least were) and guns are a part of the american culture. In Canada, we have gun registry, and besides, for most of the year it's too damn cold to do drive-by shootings. If you play with fire, expect to get your
  10. Most overrated artist of all time? hmm... I'd say Axl Rose- I mean, after GnR. Even during GnR I didn't like him.
  11. I haven't had butterhorns in ages. Similar to frosted cinnamon buns, but way better. Don't ask me how, they just are. Damnit! Now I'm craving Cinnzeo...
  12. Because of members like GuitarJunkie and R9, us Canadians own more Gibsons per capita than any other country in the world. Gibson actually pays us to be on these forums... (how do you think Tim got first dibs on all the 50th anniversary R9s coming in to Canada?)
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