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  1. Hi Harley, Some stores use to get glossy LPs and VOS ones, other stores maybe ease up getting more VOS than glossy while other stores simply get what they're 100% sure to sell. You're from NY right? Have you checked Mandolin's Bros? They're one of the biggest custom shop dealers in the US (along with friends @ wildwood in Colorado). I'm sure you will be pleased (as I was) to see how many great CS guitars you'd find there and impressed by limited edition finishes, greatest LP tops and indeed wide availability of models Gibson offers. Yes 59s - 60s do cost more because of flames and historical relevance. hope this helps clarify things a bit :-)
  2. thanks again admin. I surfed around some threads on LPF and got all the infos and even more. Funny how certain guitars get price rising as this DA acrtually does. Love to hear lots of people saying it's one of the most loveable LP ever made by gibson. thank you, regards
  3. Thank you Admin for the quick reply. Thats something I was a bit afraid of... Yeah pics ain't lacking around the web And may I ask how many units did you build by that run? Just curious.. Many thanks, Soulshiner
  4. ...the Duane Allman sig Les Paul? I've read more than once about gibson having made a signature DA LP model inspired by his famous tobacco R9, but I can't see it on gibsoncustom. Is it still in production/available? Whats the year Gibson started making that guitar? Thank you
  5. Maybe he's referring to VOS finished models and gloss ones...?? Talking of used gear, imho chances are you can see aesthetic differences between the two anyway. Just my 2 cents
  6. Hi, Just like bobv said, I suggest you to remove the abr-1 and check the studs. If they're actually bent, replace with straight ones; If they're quite ok (i mean not as bent as the whole thing appears in pics) you should notice that both wheels are slighty unstable through the studs due to the tolerance between the "external" screw thread of the stud and the "internal" one of the wheel. This can easily cause wheels to be held in a wrong angle compared to the top of the guitar; considering that the bridge sits flat upon those wheels, it just takes the angle of them, which is also forced forward under strings tension. In the event that you verify THIS is your case, then you can try to eliminate the mechanical gap by introducing some material (cellophane for example, < 1 cm2) between the parts in order to stabilize wheels and bridge. Otherwise you may have to consider some TonePros stuff which allows the bridge to be tight to the stud's screw. Hope this helps
  7. Hey Silver just wanna say great axe you have there! I got my hands on a pair of traditionals last week, loved one, not so much the other. One was a goldie the other was desert burst but was definitely not as beautiful. I've seen lots of Desert burst LPs here, kinda think it's one of those colors which aren't always such a beauty. Yours is definitely one of the best lookin' DB I've seen around.. Congrats!! I have one too here she is: (ehm..apologise for the tele... )
  8. Hehe............. About 8,500 Km to get my hands on the R9 I had pre-ordered from Wildwood guys.... This happened two months and a half ago......... :-)
  9. Thank you Admin for the quick reply. I'll try that way for sure. Oh and, of course I took some pics of it, hope you like it as much as I do Here she is: Natural light first, with flash the second.. Paolo
  10. hi there, I recently got a brand new gloss R9 in lemonburst from wildwood guys that keeps me awake every night since I bought her. Everything was pretty ok right off the case exept for nut shape, anyway, issue is, I immediately noticed that rattle from the wired abr1. It appears mostly when thickest strings are played, not a problem cause it can be heard unplugged only, but...... question is: anyone here have a tip or two to limitate this??? Again that's not a fault or anything so I'm just curious if anybody else has thought about fixing that..... Thank you..... Paolo
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