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  1. Hi guys, is the Synapse bass able to fit any strings gauge? especially thinner strings? let me know
  2. Hi pfox14, is the zero-fret structure/feature exactly the same compared to the guitar ? I mean, does it allow me to use different strings gauges and to achieve alternate tunings? Anyway,it's a pity that I doesn't have the capo, I would use it for the same purpose as used on the synapse guitar,I like to experimenting with capo on the bass, if you take a look on youtube, you'll find a lot of people using the capo feature on a bass, it's really funny and interesting. so, maybe I'll have to use a shubb capo with the synapse bass, I guess.. I just hope that it will work fine on the synapse
  3. Hi boys, does the Synapse bass XS-15FPA have the Zero- Fret and the Integrated Capo feature like on the Synapse guitar? Let me know, it's important many thanks loopman
  4. Ok....and if i would read the RIP 2 and the G-Node interface manuals,where could i find them? thanks
  5. so that i'm forced to buy the guitar? and how can i do to know more about the G-NODE Interface and the RIP 2 systems? i'm not able to find their owner's manual on the entire gibson website..
  6. Hi guys, i'm new here,where can i find the Firebird X Owner's Manual? let me know many thanks Dario
  7. Hi to everyone,are the electronics of the XS-15FPA Custom passive or active? does it have the battery on the rear? thanks to all
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