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  1. My advice is to never buy a guitar while Gassing. Buy a guitar when you find a specific guitar that calls to you. One you really love the sound of. Never simply a name on a headstock or model number. If you find a fantastic J-45 that you want, and you can afford, buy it. Otherwise play what you have and certainly don't worry about a scratch or ding.
  2. You won't ever go wrong with Colosi pins or parts.
  3. I have to say I had only played Mahogany 45's but today I received my new ('04) J45 Custom Rosewood and it is indeed special. Great tone that's not too bright, well balanced and great bass. The volume is great and it plays like a '45 should.
  4. Just imagine what he'll be like when he's.............4.
  5. Never hesitate. Your opinion is as valued and appreciated as any other.
  6. And that is why no one's opinion or observation will matter. Everyone has to play all the different styles and pick the one(s) that work for them. Enjoy your hunt.
  7. I am far less concerned with the neck profile than the characteristics of the guitar. Find a guitar that you love and adjust to the neck. I play necks from V to slim profile without issue. My favorite may be the modified-V but my J-15 slim neck is lightning fast and comfortable.
  8. That's all you can do. There is no right or best guitar for a purpose. Most solo acoustic pros use one guitar on stage for ALL their songs at least until they get big. For me it's about finding a guitar that works for you. I'll pull out one guitar to work with for the day/evening/session and rarely take more than one to a gig. That means that the one guitar has to do it all. I could easily do it with either of those guitars.
  9. My experience is the opposite with high-end guitars. They use the same hi-quality woods - because they are high-end PLUS the custom shop or extra work and expense of the sunburst. For example; my Custom Shop OM-28V was more expensive than a regularly expensive OM-28V. Some of these commentaries baffle me and have moved in the direction of - if it costs less, it's less of a guitar. That is pure nonsense. I see guitar's costing 2-3 times what my Martins cost from smaller builders that do not rise to the league of a factory Martin. Price alone does not determine the quality or value of a
  10. My advice is to NOT decide to buy a brand (Gibson in this case) but to buy a guitar. If you want a Gibson, find a Gibson that you love. Then, buy that model. There are similarities across the Gibson line, just like Martin, Taylor and others. However, I would find a specific Gibson, after trying .... maybe dozens... and then purchase "the" one.
  11. Why is that? I think it gives it great character.
  12. Good review. I'm sure yours is as nice as the others. They are excellent guitars. I'm sure you know by now but that isn't a dark decorative stripe on the back of the neck. It is a 3 piece laminated neck. Two pieces of Maple with edited: Walnut in between. It's more popular in electric necks. Edit: After further investigation I see this: It features a 5-piece Eastern Maple Neck with walnut center strip and a walnut fingerboard and bridge with tusq nut and tusq compensated saddle.
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