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  1. Good lord, how many 12 year olds post here???? I made NO claims about how the Epi compared to a Gibson. My statement was one of "I played a frikkin great Epiphone today and would buy it in a heartbeat." Turning it into a pissing contest was magical. I'm a Gibson guy, the lions share of acoustic guitars I've owned over 45 years have been Gibsons. Many I've loved, some were not so loved. While a self-proclaimed Gibson man I would NEVER dismiss any guitar that played and sounded great regardless of headstock script. There's REALLY no need to reduce the thing to some brand loyalty debate, is there? I played a cedar topped Takamine EF-341 for YEARS that was one of my favorite boxes ever. All the while loving my Gibsons. If I play some made in Indonesia parlor guitar that blows me away I'll say...this is a good guitar. If I play a Gibson that sounds like crap (I've played more than a few) I'll say...this guitar ain't good. Period. Personally I've played a TON of Martins, few of which spoke to me. That mean Martin sucks? No, means Martin and I aren't a match. My friend has a Nippon Gakki era F-180 Yamaha that looks like it was played with a quarter, The top has been worn down so the next layer of ply shows on the plywood top! And it is, to me and others I respect, THE best sounding dreadnaught guitar I've ever played, it's an amazing instrument. If it's good, it's good. Everything else is just chin boogie.
  2. All the other Epis I played sounded...deadish. THIS particular guitar I would be interested in A/Bing with a Gibson model. Just one of those magic ones that had everything come together right, imo. Not saying Epiphones are as good, not saying anything about that one way or another. THIS Epiphone I'm saying...yes, it comes dam close.
  3. Went to our local 5-Star Gibby dealer this past weekend, wanted to show an out-of-town friend what a GOOD music store was. As usual I spent the majority of the time in the acoustic room playing various guitars. Taylors, Gibsons, Martins etc. Some really excellent boxes in there! Towards the end I grabbed a new Epiphone J-200 off the wall, just to see how the Epi compared. I was STUNNED! It played beautifully and the sound was rich and full, like a nicely "opened up" guitar. Fit and finish were top shelf. It didn't have the full-on mustache bridge, rather it had the inlaid solid mustache shaped bridge. One minor point lost. After playing it for a while I grabbed a couple other epi 200's, all cutaway models, and tried them...not even close. They didn't have a Gibby 200 so I couldn't A/B them but I wouldn't hesitate to play this thing right alongside someone playing the Gibson. $350.00 No case, a decent gig bag for $35. If I wasn't in the middle of a move and getting prepared to be a full time RVer I would have left the shop with that guitar in a second! Blew my mind. I MAY be forced to go back and buy it...we shall see. I have a bad habit of buying lower priced guitars and holding onto them until some kid comes along who would get the most out of it and giving it to them (about 14 of those so far...try it sometime, it's really a neat thing to know you may have gotten somebody into playing for life) Hats off to Epi for this box.
  4. struma6


    Really nice! Looks like I have it's little brother....
  5. Ah, the brand elitism runs rampant! Take the finest guitar ever built and put it in 100 hands and a % of folks will tell you it's rubbish. Headstock snobbery abounds everywhere. AFG hates Gibson, Gibson denigrates Taylor, on and on and on. I learned through time that you never trash a brand in blanket terms...I've played Yamahas that were god-like, Martins that were utter firewood and Stellas I would sell my soul to own. "Mine is bigger/better than yours" is an age-old taunt and a total waste of time. If you like it, play it. It's a great guitar. I'd rather read and discuss what you LOVE, including the whys and what-nots, than bother to spend time on what you don't like. It CAN make for some funny as heck threads though, when a troll pops into a site and pokes a stick into a nest of scorpions. The ensuing battles take on epic proportions and hilarity ensues.
  6. Funny clip. I watched The Patty Duke Show religiously and loved Roger Miller (Englishmen was a less-favored song) Now, combine Patty singing a Roger Miller song and you have disastrous results!! It screamed of the '60's pop commercialism that brought about many travesties. The dancing and the "yeah yeah yeah's" cracked me up. Patty's singing voice could crack glass...
  7. This thread merits points just for the RT video! Man he's tremendous. Enjoyed watching the OP video as well, love hearing builders talk about their thought process. And, the rest? lol. Just...lol.
  8. My opinion of the Stones has now dropped dramatically. Maybe a stab at remaining relevant or something but just blatant whoring to me.
  9. Carrying a case while walking a puppy with a bandana around it's neck...it's a lock.
  10. TVZ was brilliant and troubled and one of my all time favorites. That's all.
  11. Loved Warren Zevon! Fantastic writer of uncommon songs. I wouldn't doubt he had been to Honduras...at least Roland may have been!! btw...that 12 string sounds terrible, to my ears. Not his playing, the guitar itself.
  12. I would consider changing the top bracing since you have it all apart. Double X...worth changing imo
  13. Is that a hammer dulcimer atop the spinet? Love them. Nice score! Congrats.
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