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  1. I'm trying to decide on a Les Paul guitar and I'm thinking it's going to be down to either the Traditional Pro or the Standard Plustop Pro (unless someone can recommend something better). Which would you pick and why? I play just about everything from Blues to Hard Rock. Thanks guys.
  2. I have a 50's tribute SG with P90's and I'd like to add a half pickguard to it. Does anyone know where I can order one? I've looked online and haven't had much luck. The only ones that I've found are the full pickguards for P90's, but on the 50's tribute the neck pickup is much closer to the neck that a regular P90 SG so they won't fit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. $900 CDN is $680 USD. The guitar has a decent amount of scuff on the top edge of it. I'm wondering if I should hold out yet for the right studio model. I love the new 2015 Studio in Manhattan Blue but I'm not a huge fan of the robo tuners. That one I can get brand new for $1300 CDN.
  4. Actually I'm the one with the SG's and I told him that I got them on clearance and he's good with that.
  5. It's a gloss fireburst with a Gibson gig bag. It's got a little bit of wear on the top edge but nothing serious.
  6. Can someone tell me how much a 2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio is worth in used condition these days? I may be trading a 2015 Gibson SG 50's Tribute for one. The guy is asking $900 CDN for his studio.
  7. Ha ha, yeah she's staying right where she is. Thanks for the offers and advice though. :)
  8. You folks have convinced me. Looks like I'll hold on to the one I have and add the G-400 pro to the collection with it.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep it in mind.
  10. I currently have a Epiphone SG with Quilt Maple Top. From what I've researched it is a limited run and has an Epiphone Custom Shop decal on the back of the headstock. The guitar is all original and sounds great. I've been interested in the new G-400 Pro and was wondering if there would be much difference between that and my current SG or am I better off sticking with what I have.
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