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  1. I bought a used 2001 LP Standard. Love the guitar but can't get it to play in tune at the first fret. I had setups done by two different local luthiers (Dallas, TX) and it's still not in tune at the first fret (and other frets here and there). I suspect it may need fret or nut work. I'm so frustrated with these local techs that I'm ready to ship it to Gibson for a "pro setup". I figure if there's something amiss, they can fix it. I even e-mailed them and recieved back the authorization # and instructions to ship it to Nashville. Have you ever done this with your Gibson? Did it really make it play better or more in tune? I'm wrestling with this because it may cost me $100-$200 depending on what's needed (I can handle that but still....) and my brain is telling me it's a bit like shipped my Ford to Dearborn, MI for a tune up. If you've done this I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I recently purchased a used 2001 LP Standard. I love everything about the guitar. I called Gibson and gave them the serial #. The guitar checks out as legit except it left the factory as all black (ebony). Now the top has a desert/tea-burst finish. The back is all black but the tea burst top looks gorgeous. The binding is perfect and the top finish is perfect. It looks factory to me. I had no idea it had been refinished at some point. The guy at Gibson said that on a burst finish they never leave the factory with a black back, it's always brown or cherry stained so the wood grain shows through. Oh well, whoever refinished mine did a great job. Wish I knew the history. Maybe the factory did it per someone's request? It's that clean. Surely the guys at Gibson wouldn't be wrong? Could they? Thanks.
  3. I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul but never could afford one. So for years I've played an Epiphone LP. That Epi was and is a great guitar. I finally got some xmas bonus money and bought a genuine Gibson LP standard (a used 2005 model per the serial number) from Guitar Center yesterday. I was expecting the sound to be smooth, creamy, mellow and warm like my Epi LP. To my surprise the sound is thin and tinny, like my Telecaster. I play a lot and I put down my Tele and Strat because I thought they sounded to thin and tinny. My Epi LP is much warmer and mellower. I was expecting the Gibson LP to be even more so but it's not. What gives? Are they all this way? It has the stock pups (I think). If you own both an Epi and a Gibby LP have you noticed this? I'm thrilled to have a genuine LP but the sound is not what I'm after. I do have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so I may take it back for another. I need advice. Tell me how I should proceed. Thanks.
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