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  1. I do like the tusq nut replacement
  2. The humbuckers are just different to minis There the same body size The 2019 is cheaper, as it's a gig bag and satin finished (less coats)
  3. The 2018 is gloss finished and comes in a case The 2019 is satin finished and comes with a gig bag have you looked at the 2017 Fb studios they have humbuckers in
  4. I have the same one and a cardinal red one, I love the colour and the pickups
  5. Eades

    Gibson 339 Help

    The 2016 has block inlays which looks a little classier in my opinion, I have the 2018 version for that reason
  6. Eades

    Gibson 339 Help

    Theres also a ES - 349 to consider http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Memphis/ES-349.aspx
  7. Yeah pretty rare full stop, Looks great, it's in black and has Burstbucker pros in it,
  8. I have a Es137 Classic in blue burst, I love mine, I have a Es139 as well, just no f holes and only 1 volume and 1 tone
  9. I remember the blue one, the colours and swirls were supposed to mimic bowling balls
  10. What is up with the guitar?
  11. It's the 345 your thinking of, a few 355 have them though
  12. I totally agree with this, i kept my old epiphone pickups and one day will swop them over
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