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  1. As I recall they called this a studio as it has a new 5 way switch and thats non standard feature, so they called it a studio
  2. Where have you found there only made 600 of them ?
  3. Thomann is a great shop used them a few times. Is it definitely the 8.5mm version you need as they also do a 10mm version
  4. Have you looked on the gibson website http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/ES.aspx?ModelYear=2015
  5. Cheers, I'll be 41 in August
  6. Strange, can you see any of them or just certain ones ?
  7. Cheers I love a blue guitar, I know there not a popular colour, but I don't know why. I used to ignore vintage sunburst guitars, but as I've got older I've mellowed to them, it must be an age thing
  8. Genius idea 🤔 I wish this site would let you upload pictures properly, its very behind the times
  9. Cheers, its a 339 basically a smaller 335
  10. I have a es137 c and the c stands for classic, not sure if the same applies though
  11. I loved the jetsons, it was just a futuristic version of the flintstones. I have pictures of other styles as well. I love firebirds and explorers particularly a non reverse firebird, there just a jazzmaster at heart
  12. Think its a 2007 guitar of the week with maple wings
  13. Cheers. Yeah it's a bit confusing, I think it's to do with the headstock position rather than the body, it should just be called a reverse firebird. but hey ho
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