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  1. Thomann is a great shop used them a few times. Is it definitely the 8.5mm version you need as they also do a 10mm version
  2. Have you looked on the gibson website http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/ES.aspx?ModelYear=2015
  3. Non reverse is different completely I love non reverse firebirds, never known them do a bound neck or do anything other than dot inlays on them though. (on any of the non reverse versions)
  4. Eades

    Share your ES's

    How bout now
  5. Firebirds and Thunderbirds run in order 1) Firebird i has one pickup, dot inlays 2) Thunderbird ii has one pickup 3) Firebird iii has 2 pickups, dot inlays 4) Thunderbird iv has 2 pickups 5) Firebird v has 2 pickups, trapezoid inlays 6) Thunderbird vi (never made) 7) Firebird vii has 3 pickups block inlays Yours is definitely a V, I think the last time they called it a firebird v was 2016
  6. Eades


    Cheers, I'll be 41 in August
  7. Eades

    Share your ES's

    Strange, can you see any of them or just certain ones ?
  8. Eades


    Cheers I love a blue guitar, I know there not a popular colour, but I don't know why. I used to ignore vintage sunburst guitars, but as I've got older I've mellowed to them, it must be an age thing
  9. Eades


    Genius idea 🤔 I wish this site would let you upload pictures properly, its very behind the times
  10. Eades


    Cheers, its a 339 basically a smaller 335
  11. I have a es137 c and the c stands for classic, not sure if the same applies though
  12. Eades


    I loved the jetsons, it was just a futuristic version of the flintstones. I have pictures of other styles as well. I love firebirds and explorers particularly a non reverse firebird, there just a jazzmaster at heart
  13. Think its a 2007 guitar of the week with maple wings
  14. Eades


    Cheers. Yeah it's a bit confusing, I think it's to do with the headstock position rather than the body, it should just be called a reverse firebird. but hey ho
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