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  1. Just like most of my guitars. Strangely enough its only my Gibsons that havent had anything changed
  2. I have a g2622t that I bought a few years back. I've made the following mods:- grover locking tuners, chrome G knobs, bigsby tremolo, treble bleed mod on lower horn vol pot, strap locks, graphtech resomax bridge, graphtech nut, seymour duncan psyclone hot pickups (filtertron style) with 2 connection pin quick change clips To be honest it was great before any changes but Im a perpetual tinkerer
  3. I use one with my thunderbird with no issues
  4. krock


    For the Brits in this thread, can I just say that the lidl deluxe salt and vinegar flavour crisps are as close to the taste of fish and chips as you can get without having the real thing
  5. Just shows that something well made, is made to last. I have a few of those injection molded cases which should go on for eternity, although are less cool looking than yours. They've put more damage on to my car than they've taken on themselves
  6. I've only the one gibby but its really fun to play and sounds great. For teaching bass, I'm forced to use my fender though because the gibson case is just too long to fit in the car without putting the seats down. First world problems ey...
  7. Up until last year I worked on The Strand so Im very partial to the Covent Garden/Trafalgar Square area's. China town is 5 minutes walk from Trafalgar square as well, which is itself only 5 minutes from Denmark Street. I never use tubes in central London any more, since working there I've realised how close together everything worth seeing actually is
  8. I've read this thread, not done any research and am still blissfully unaware as to when it's happening. Unfortunately my phone thinks i should be sent push notifications on the topic though
  9. For 2nd hand equipment I like https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk For information I like https://www.musicradar.com/guitars
  10. To nib or not to nib, that is the question
  11. Really lovely. The vibe of this series with the nail holes etc reminds me of James Hetfields new guitar made from the garage where they recorded master of puppets. Awesome
  12. I've got a few guitars at my sisters which I want to go and weigh when Im next there on friday. I feel like my lp double cut style guitar is probably half the weight of any other electric I own because its built like a pine tele and my thunderbird bass is ridiculously light given the size of it. The gibson website specifies that they used ultra low/clear density wood for that purpose. My Michael Kelly came out to 8lbs which seems about as heavy as I could comfortably go on an electric (I have a few problems with my back still from my rugby playing days).
  13. This thread has made me just go and weigh all of my guitars which I've never done before. Seems by precision bass is the heaviest I own and its 9lbs. Feels slightly too much in all honesty
  14. Seems like this sites been going for a long time, Im surprised I've never come across it. Looks like I've got my bedtime reading sorted
  15. Anyone else been keeping tabs of fenders most recent marketing efforts? Its fantastic, especially the cartoons they've done to accompany their new pedal line.
  16. DV247 allocated me an account manager who basically checks in with me every once in a while to see if I'm looking for anything. They also discount things on request. I've not personally experienced any issues with them, but yes everything ships from Germany
  17. Same here. Slash kept me sane in the 90's when all of my friends were listening to steps, backstreet boys, five and countless other bands not worthy of their fame during that decade
  18. I've seen many people upload this footage now to different youtube channels so the message is spreading at least. Hopefully it wont be long until they're caught!
  19. I have the hall of fame 2. I've previously owned the hall of fame and hof from tc as well. I use the 3 toneprint slots as well as the mash so it was a worthwhile upgrade, plus they've upgraded the processor. I spoke to their support team not long ago about potential features they could add to the software and they confirmed they've had other people request them too and they'll be working on it. In this case it's that you can basically use the effect that slot 3 has in the editor. I use wet/dry so its nice to be able to pan in effects
  20. Its for that reason Im quite glad half sizes are becoming more popular. I'd like to experiment with them more
  21. Looks great I never knew Martin's used to have the logo on the back of the headstock. Was that just with this model or was it common back then?
  22. I use different strings on different guitars. Electrics- I like 11's on any strat tuned Eb or below. 10's on anything else thats either gibson scale length or tuned to E Acoustics- I like 12's
  23. Mesa as a brand interests me. As a user of their products myself (although in the bass camp), I've not found an amp of theirs which sounds bad; although have found that their amps suffer from either being very popular or not at all popular. I've noticed this more on anything they make thats not specifically going for that 'mesa tone'. YMMV I guess for us fans it means you can generally pick up some decent resale bargains from time to time.
  24. krock


    Stunning. Definitely need a close up on that grain :)
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