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  1. As an aside, if you're into pedals I've found that mixing in a little low-level chorus or analog delay (or both) will definitely "stretch" out sustain on the SG even at relatively low I/O volume levels. If it's a clean sound you're working with, you get to keep it along with some added ring. Now a good distortion/overdrive effect will, of course, add sustain to damn near any guitar. My Boss Power Stack ST-2 will tack on about 10 extra seconds of ring even on my SG. So, there are workarounds, depending on your tastes.
  2. The SG just isn't going to ring out like a LP or a PRS. I came to that conclusion after experimenting with my '61 RI. I did find that pure nickle strings provide a small but noticeible improvement in sustain. I've toyed with the idea of replacing the factory nut, as I've had an ambivalence about it since day one of owning the guitar. Other than that, I've just accepted that the SG is a "niche" guitar, and as someone mentioned ealier in the thread, it is endearing to those who favor its unique qualities and characteristics. My final thought is that a BB Pro pup, at least one at the bridge, might provide you with acceptable sustain on this guitar. They added significant sustain to my LP (and it didn't even need it) over the stock 480/498 configuration.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with BurstBuckers in the SG? I'd be curious as to how well they'd mate with the thinner body. I swapped out the 490R/498Ts in my LP Studio with some HBs and they just flat-out rock. I've had my '61 RI SG for a few months now, and while I generally love the guitar, I'm not sure I'm completely sold on the 57's, particularly the 57+ in the bridge. I'd actually consider keeping the neck pup, as I think it sounds just right for its intended purpose. To me, the bridge pup just doesn't seem to have quite enough cujones, so to speak. I'm definitely think BB or as someone suggested, the SD Pearly Gates. I guess my concern is I don't want to take the SG out of the SG, if you catch my drift.
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