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  1. I just called Gibson they said it is a serial number from 79, but they can only confirm the serials from 1980 to present
  2. I have a Gibson and a Fender, I like the SG because of its light weight. Its great for any style of music. The Fender is what I use for Jazz Band at school, but why are we arguing who is best? Each company has become a well respected manufacturer of instruments. They both have strong and weak points.
  3. My first guitar was a cheap Baja Strat knock off... After I got my SG I gave the Baja away to a friend
  4. Is the nibs the binding over the frets?
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-Limited-Edition-/290515175371?pt=Guitar&hash=item43a40dc7cb This is one of the most rare Gibson Les Paul in history. I bought this guitar at Rockin’ Robins Guitars in Houston, TX in 1979. They had just 3 of these rare Les Pauls. I bought one of them. The sales rep told me then that Gibson only made 100 of this model and they were only allowed to have 3 for inventory. Serial number 73449041 Case included. A couple of Guitar Techs over the years have recognized this rare Paul. Shipping includes insurance that is why it seems expensive. UPS charges $1.25 per $100 for insurance coverage. You wouldn’t want something that valuable shipped without insurance. I can waive the insurance if the buyer instructs me to do so. The only things that I know it needs for servicing is have the volume, tone pots cleaned. There is a little hum when you first plug in the cord and the knob that holds the back guitar strap is a little loose. This is a very painful decision to sell but I would rather pay my property taxes. One of the challenges when I go to guitar shows to have this guitar appraised is finding a dealer/collector that recognizes this model. At the last show I went to only one vendor recognized this model out of dozens of vendors at the show. The price of this guitar is substantial. If you’re not recognizing this model I would like to kindly suggest bidding or buy it now some other guitar listing on Ebay. You are bidding on a guitar Stradivarius, one of Gibson’s most rare guitars. I may never offer this again. When the Ebay free listing fees offer expires January 1st , the price of this guitar will be to prohibitive to list anymore. This is the last days of this offer to get this ultra rare Gibson guitar. Time is running out. Thank you everyone for visiting this listing and your interest in this listing. Note: For perspective buyers that have questions please send only relevant questions to be answered by seller. Abusive comments sent to seller will start to be reported to Ebay. Thank you. Happy Holidays. $27,000 For The Starting Price
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