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    My Wife and kids, the dog, boats, The Blues, and my Les Paul Standard
  1. Way to many people singing the National Anthem these days noodle it because they can't sing in the first place. It is a rare treat when an artist sings the notes the way it was written. It's not only the Anthem, noodleing seems to be a style of singing these days by talentless artist and people trying out for American Idol.
  2. I started playing seven months ago using a set of dvds I got from guitarjamz.com. I picked a blues set with the teacher Marty Schwartz. I love the dvds over taking lessons because I can review them over and over. If I kept asking a teacher the same question over and over I think he would get pissed. On these dvds Marty teaches and then jams so you can play along, I really like that part! And no screwing around playing Mary Had A LIttle Lamb, he gets going with some power cords so you can make music right away. Here is the best part about the dvds. I can take a lesson when ever I want.
  3. No doubt Jake is amazing! Maybe being born in Hawaii gives me some roots to the ukulele, I love the sound especially in Hawaiian music. Also Hawaiian slack key guitar. If you have never spent any time on the TED web site you should there are tons of inspiring speeches as well as music. Check it out. David
  4. I used the post office to ship an antique German army helmet to France. It worked but I still have no idea why it took almost a month for the buyer to receive it. My $2,000 helmet was lost as far as I knew and the post office never gave me an answer nor the delivery receipt. It must have been in customs. However in the end it all worked out.
  5. My favorites are my crew shirts. Almost every touring show has Local Crew shirts that they pass out at the end of the show. Now that I'm retired my collection is getting a bit old. My favorite is my 1999 Rolling Stones No Security T shirt.
  6. Stay warm all. It looks like there could be some playing time after you lay down the snow shovel. What about a new song, The Snow Shovel Blues? I remember snow shovels in my youth and it's probably why my dad moved us to California. David
  7. Bacon, other wise known as Meat Candy. Look up Beacon Explosion if you want a good Super Bowl treat. I made two and took the to the local watering hole last year, never had to buy a drink. I have in-laws in South Dakota that raise Buffalo and Cattle so I have had the chance to eat Buffalo and love it, either one in a Rib Eye cut grilled over wood, Best meat in the world. And for desert I'll take my homemade Key Lime Pie.
  8. Thanks! Joe is truly and amazing player.
  9. Near the Capital. Heck I used to work across the street. I'm retired now and my wife is just finishing her teaching credential program. When she is finished we are thinking if getting out of here, where we don't know yet. I like it here but it is to expensive, however I do get to play golf in the middle of winter. David
  10. I can see the snow in the Sierra Mountains from home but I don't do snow anymore. I used to run up to go skiing back in my younger days but now I stay in the flat lands and play a little golf instead, sunny and 60 something tomorrow. We keep up with the winter storms across the plains as my in laws live in South Dakota. They call it heart attack weather, you get a heart attack from shoveling all the snow. I love the little town of DeSmet and would like to live there, except for the snow. Good luck all with this storm and stay warm, David
  11. Very nice! I'm going to have one of those when we buy THE house or the kids move out. For now my music room is the corner of our living room. David
  12. Man, that reminded me of some of the best food I have ever eaten, Santa Maria Barbecue. I used to do the sound at the County Fair every year and remember on the weekend all the groups selling barbecue on the street corners. Also there was a place called Jocko's where everything was cooked on oak and they had these little beans they called Jocko Beans yummmm! There was also a guy down there that mixed up a rub called Rib Roundup, I used to stock up on it every year. Santa Maria is also where I learned about the Tri Tip. It's been twenty years since I've been there but my Barbecue roots definit
  13. A friend of mine brought me back some Maull's when he was visiting family, it was a staple in their house. When he gave it to me he told me I had to add beer, man was that some tasty sauce! If you have Maull's all you need is some salt and smoke. David
  14. This is the most important tip. If you don't remove the membrane you're only seasoning one side of the meat as nothing goes through it. It also makes the meat fall off the bone. If I'm in a hurry I use my Weber Kettle, if I want the real thing I use my smoker with Almond wood, never my gas grill. This is a great start for a dry rub. I add garlic powder and take out a little of the black pepper. This is a sweet sticky finger licking rub. 1/2 cup freshly ground black pepper 1/2 cup ground cayenne pepper 1 cup dark brown sugar 3 tablespoons salt
  15. Congratulations! That is a beauty and she matches you couch. Enjoy, David
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