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  1. Ya, the soldering was my main concern. I recieved a soldering iron for christmas, and never bothered to open it. But, i gave it a try for this particular mod, and i have no idea why i was so gun shy. it wasnt hard for this particular mod at all.
  2. thanks for the advice everyone! i have just removed both covers, and quite frankly i can hear a difference. they definitley sound hotter, and i am incredibly happy with the looks as well. thanks!
  3. Ok, so I've had an Epi les Paul custom elite for about a year now, and although i love the way it sounds, im wanting a hotter, crunchier bluesier tone out of it like early Clapton recordings (Beano in specific). IM considering removing the covers from the pickups, but is it worth it, and if so should i have it done professionally or is it a do-it-yourselfer? And, will it ruin the value of the guitar at all?
  4. Sorry i dont have any info for you, but i have to say this: That guitar is beautiful! I sure wish they still used that version of the headstock nowadays. Sweet guitar
  5. Whoops. Sorry for being a little vague. So far ive only played the standards, traditionals, and studios as well as one 1960 custom shop reissue. So, i cant really speak for the customs, but im sure there great.But, to be more specific i mean better than modern day standards. Im sure an original burst would smoke it tone wise though (duh)
  6. I own a beautiful epiphone les paul custom elite, and i must say it is so far the best les paul if not best guitar i have ever played. Tone is amazing, playability is amazing, and quality and finish are flawless. In my opinion, the elites are ten times better than their more popular gibson cousins. Whats your opinion?
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