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  1. kk im in an argument with some kid and im about to kick him in the teeth about why my Gibson SG is better then any fender he can ever own. helpme shut him down. obviously i said it was a gibson to shut himup but it wont happen. lol thx! show your SG pride!
  2. EDIT: sorry for the double post but anyway the store didnt say anything to you when you picked it up? edit2: oh wow just noticed that the pickup inlays are dots not trapazoids call gibson to see what it is, maybe just a limited edit sg special or something. do you mind taking more shots of it like headstock? and or full guitar picture.
  3. Dude nbd its just a beautiful White SG standard with the chrome pickup covers removed, maybe theyre are different pickups in there now. I just bought myself a beautiful SG standard in white, but with coil taps They are running now but with coil taps.
  4. Linde

    My first Gibson!

    Thank you! and haha there was a hole in my wall for some reason so that is a coat hanger shaped like a dogs rear end =] Thanks and yes I know but i was thinking what brand/material is best for being comfortable and not marking up my guitar that much.
  5. Meet Katherine everyone, I ordered her in august but because of the unforntunate Gibson floods my guitar was backordered and backordered and backordered until finally i harassed guitarcenter enough to send me their next shipment, so worth it! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also what kind of strap should I buy I am 6' tall, slim and like the guitar right about waist line or under. thanks! I cannot stop playing!
  6. i just bought a gibson sg the otherday and i previously has epiphone g400 or "sg" lol total garbage compared to gibson. i thought it wouldnt be that big but oh my god it just feels so different and i love it. the sound the feel the notes cannot stop playing
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