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  1. Thanks so much for the replies! For awhile on various forums, I've seen lots of talk (pro & con) and I never saw when they started and to me 2007 seems recent so I thought I'd ask here, where I always get straight answers. I need to go to a local Gibson dealer and try a richlite equipted Custom. Who knows, I might like it! Thanks Y'all!
  2. I've got a 07 natural topped Les Paul Custom that I bought new. Withall the richlite fretboard talk on the various forums I am just wondering, am I safe? Mine sure looks like ebony. When did they start this?
  3. For MANY years I played Les Pauls. I LOVE them. I've always LOVED SGs too. My L-6 vertibrae went out on me. My back Dr. gave me shots of cortizone that got me through a year. He finally said I needed surgury. I told him I was having a hard time playing my guitar. Him- "You play Les Pauls?" Me- "Yeah,most of the time." Him- "I bet you play customs, with the damage I see on your MRI." Me-"Yep!" Him-"Until you have your surgury, Find a SG." I said,"I have three" Any with P-90s?" Me "Yes, a Pete Townshend Reissue." Him- "They taught "Les Paul back" at medical school and the SG is the #1 recommenda
  4. dylumph

    Original 2

    Hey, that Marshall DSL40C is a good choice! My Original ROCKS through mine. Hell, I gig with one! I bought 2, one with a Celestion Creamback in it. I practice with the one with the 70/80 stock speaker and once it broke in, it sounds fine. When you spend some time with that amp you'll find lots of sweet spots. It handles pedals great. Your kinda set now!
  5. No regrets from me either! I tell folks its the best $1300 new guitar I've ever had. I have a Custom Shop SG without the vibrola and the Original is just a better guitar. Its comfortable and sounds great. I guess they put 57 classics in it and I've had zero thoughts on replacing them. The bone nut & the Tone Pros rollar bridge I added made it tunable for the go! I think Gibson hit a home run with the Original!
  6. I have a SG "original". Its just like the one pictured toward the top of this page. I put a bone nut & a Tone-Pros rollar bridge on it. After a couple years of gigging and hard practicing, this guitar is one of those that are in tune, right out of the case. I use the vibrola regularly, mainly for vibrato and its VERY comfortable. I think maybe they got the neck right cause its straight as a arrow, but I will keep a watch on it. Anyway, If it helps- I highly recommend a rollar bridge with the vibrola.
  7. I love them too! I have a Pete Townshend 67 special ri, a CS 61 Les Paul ri. & a SG original. I gig with them alot now that I'm getting on up there in age and they're fine on the back! LOL. Actually I've loved them since the 60s & have used them since then too! I've just expanded my guitar stable.
  8. 335.bmp Last year I got a Rich Robinson 335. I love this guitar. I'm just curious what P/Us they put in there. I have bunches of 57 classic loaded guitars, including a 02 Memphis 335 dot and I'm pretty sure this has different P/Us. Its got great tone. Anyone know? Thanks!
  9. I have a slew of amps. My 335 sounds amazing through my Hiwatt 72 DR103 & original fane loaded 4x12 Hiwatt cabinet. When I play with my band, it sounds great through my Creamback loaded Marshall DSL40C. I use that for the weight (or lack of) too.
  10. My 3 P/U 57 BB reissue sounds different from ANY guitar I have I have a R7 standard and it compares to a R9 in tone but the solid mahogany body creates a warmer, darker sound & the 3 P/Us (57 classics) do some wierd cool things in the middle position. Its a 2000. I rarely use it with my band though cause its quite heavy & I've develped siattica over the last few years so I've resorted to SGs.
  11. I wish I could figure out how to post a full size photo here.
  12. I'm feeling the effects of many years toting Massive PA gear, stacks etc. so I understand downsizing gear. For several years I carried around a AC 30. Then I went to a 59 reissue bassman. then a tweed Hot Rod Deluxe. Now I'm down to the Marshall DSL40c. Its really light and with a Creamback speaker it covers all the basses. Sure its made in Vietnamn. I was one of those Sailors in April 75 that evacuated thousand of people overthere that had believed in us. I got no quams against helping them out.
  13. I'm another P-90 lover. I use a 56 RI lp, a LP special and a Pete Townshend RI cherry SG special and love them. I even put a Lindy Fralin P-90 in the neck position of a 52 Hot Rod Tele.I don;t get a lot of hum from any of them but when I go through a Hiwatt loud I hear it. I got one of those ISP decimator IIs and got rid of any noise ever. Those things are a really good investment, especially if you gig much in bunches of different type of stages. Y'all know about beer lights etc. that make crazy noises! I just love the P-90 tone!
  14. Personally, I think you got a great deal. I love the inlays & overall look of the 345.I have a 335 block inlay with a Bigsby and love it BUT ever since I saw the Hollies back in the 60s, I've always wanted a 345. Tony Hicks could use its Varitone and make each song sound totally different. I've never seen one at a show or in a store that was cheaper than a 335. I can remember more players in my youth using 345s than 335s.There used to be a pschodelic band called the Bubble Puppy ("Hot Smoke and Sasafras")& he could cover feedback to sticcato picking beautifully. Great score!!
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