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  1. Oh really? Dang knew it was too good to be true :/
  2. Ok, sooooo if ur from the southeast like me u may already know but Huntsville, AL just got a Guitar Center!!! (Today was my first ever time in one! ) Anyways while being entranced by the walls of beautiful guits, I failed to check out their studios. I looked em up online and they look pretty sweet, a two hour session in a pro-looking studio with a free recording of ur session as u walk out the door! 22 bucks per hour, and with their two hour minimum, 44 dollars at least. *BUT* I have two quick questions: 1) Do they provide u a guitar to use? I mean, I have a great V, strat, and an alvarez acoustic, but just wondering.. 2)I have two friends, a bassist and a drummer, that I've been dying to jam with but none of us have a sufficient place to do so. Would this be a good place for us to start? With three guys we could split it like 15 bucks each to get in and have fun in an awesome studio. Sounds great! But, is there trouble in paradise? I'll leave that up to the experienced men and women of gibson forums
  3. Dang u guys have really cleared this up for me thanks alot! And nice pic Andy XD
  4. WOW man u really know ur stuff! Thanks now I got some peace of mind on this!!
  5. Where these guys satanic or not? Im tired of hearing rumors... Was jimmy satanic? If so what about Robert, JPJ, and John? Thanks...
  6. Yep it was backwards Stupid mistake
  7. I have a vox v845 and today I was playing my strat. I hit the wah for the whole lotta love solo and all I heard was a high-pitched whine/squeal. It wasnt feedback just a constant whine. When I rock the pedal back and forth I could control the tone of the squealing. Anybody know what this is??? Thanks...
  8. I know its a Gibby forum but I thought maybe u good ppl could help me.. I have a 2009 Mexi Strat and I'd like to know if I need a metric or standard allen wrench for the saddles, Thank you
  9. Thats really cool man but like, how would I go about putting one in a LP, seeing as how the pickups are different sizes and the LP pup routes look too big?
  10. I got to thinkin today and I wonder... Is it possible to put RIC pups in like, a les paul? They look about the size of p90's or mini-hb's... Just a thought
  11. Any tips or links that could assist me in playing slide? Thanks...
  12. Sweet guitars, sweet amp, sweet carpet!
  13. Yeah like the studio version of Whole Lotta Love, I think he played the solo with the wah pedal pressed all the way down for an AMAZING treble boost
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