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  1. i'm sure you could find one at a good hardware store
  2. i actually like the skillz house with all the different people ,,kind of tired of Arlen Roth
  3. my son just got one also black with white pick guard & white alnico p90 pups ,,it a helluva a guitar in my opinion,,sounds great great has a bit chunkier neck than the standard i have ,,but i think it sounds better
  4. in the past month i bought a 56 les paul pro epi & yesterday a lespaul standard pro top?..i didnt receieve anything at all with either guitar!!!!!!!,,bought both at guitar center in fairview heights illinois,,no case or gig bag,,i could careless about about bumper stickers honestly
  5. ive never know gibson to have a bolt on neck altho i'm not positive but i think epiphones may have a bolt on neck on a few models
  6. i wouldnt mess with anything with a chipped headstock myself,,might be a reapir of broken headstock ,,i'd be leary
  7. ive got a 2010 classic p90's ..its a fine guitar sounds awsome ,,,
  8. this is mine 2014 original perfect in everyway
  9. call 800-4 gibson give them the serial # & ask them ,,
  10. this is my 2014 original before i bought it
  11. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=17150
  12. i'm digging the firebird & the florentine
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