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  1. thank you for your opinion. luckily, I don't have any cancer yet. But I'll let you know.
  2. so to update you guys it's been a couple years since I made original post. I had to take the pick guard off my L4 and I put it in a room and I haven't had anymore problems with the outgassing that I can see. It's probably outgassing in the room which I can't see it but the guitar is OK. i'm thinking that the sealed case that it came with contributed to the problem. because the reason I say that is because when I was in the case with the pick guard on it I was having these problems. Another reason Gibson needs to fix this thing is because if there is outgassing? that means there might be some kind of gas that submitted that might be toxic to human beings or carcinogenic. clearly it's some kind of plastic vapor which can't be good for you.
  3. You guys have got me all wrong. I'm trying to motivate you and Gibson to make a guitar that lives up to the brand. Because I am passionate about Gibson guitars is in that clear from my statements. the thing that bothers me about this form is that some of you guys represent the company and you're trying to totally deflect any criticism of it. But, you're also not stating that you do represent the company so it looks like you know it could be just some Joe blow guy in the forum which makes it a deception. When in reality you guys should be saying stuff like yeah you know you have a point you have bought a lot of our merchandise. But no I am like lying about what's going on, I'm keeping my guitars under the water it's totally ridiculous what people have said in this form and I hope that those people don't represent Gibson.
  4. I guess you represent Gibson since you seem to speaking for everyone in the forum? Who said I'm not the original owner??? Please be careful how you answer this question because you really don't know who I am. If you represent the company you should state it.
  5. This happened to 3 Gibsons over 10 years. Gibson should cover these particular guitars because they are supposed to be the very best luxury items and are very costly to obtain. They clearly should have a guarantee for the faulty construction but not misuse. Since they claim to be the best they need to admit the well documented defect and fix it. If someone could pull up the Archtop guarantee I'd like to see it.
  6. here is just one of my expensive Gibsons that had the outrageous pickguard deterioration, this is the third guitar like that. take a look, I had to remove that pickguard. A super400 Stein you do'nt know what you are talking about. The Gold parts started to turn green and oxidize with that defective part.
  7. It is clear all you mother****ers work for the company.
  8. Yeah the manufactures always try to blame the defective part on the person who's operating whatever the machinery or the car or whatever and it takes a court case to show them what time of day it is. But nowadays the public sympathizes with the people. If you work for Gibson a better time to wise up You can't hang with the debate bro give it up..
  9. So Steins logic is that if somebody buys an item secondhand from a company that makes the defective product that the company is no longer responsible but the person who sold it to them is responsible for that only?? If that were the case no cars would ever be recalled if they're sold secondhand that's ridiculous logic and US law does not support that argument because it is defective.
  10. It doesn't matter if I am the original owner. It is a defective product. The fact that some of them were bought used and some where bought new with the same problem only re-enforces my claim. And why would I show my receipts??? I don't know you and you're not trying to help. It is the light brown tortoise shell pick guards that have this problem.
  11. Furthermore if it pick guard is toxic which means that ihas a potential to harm a human being why on earth would Gibson continue to make that.? I hope you guys could forward this discussion to your legal department. Because you guys don't know how to handle this question.
  12. And the canard that Gibson is actually making the new guitars just like vintage is totally false 1960s L5's for instance has a bridge that has some sort of plastic inserts in the saddles which gives the guitar a distinctive sound the new Gibsons have metal or wooden bridges. when is Gibson going to start making those bridges for the new L5.?
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