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  1. does the glue disintegrate eventually or is it gonna pull your skin off when you try to pull it out?
  2. Put my hand in my pocket, then suddenly i felt a sharp excruciating pain. Stupid MTA metrocard was there and got between my nail and finger making it bleed a little. In new york we use metrocards to enter subway stations. They are like 1/4 the thickness of credit cards. Anyways it hurts when I play since It happened on my left hand, and I got practice tomorow. :/
  3. Life if I own a Valvestate hybrid amp is it possible to connect a full tube amp head in the future if I get money for one? Since I have a 50 watt marshall Hybrid combo amp should I get a 50w marshall tube amp head if I want that genuine tube sound?
  4. I like the way it sounds with my amp. To be honest I could have gotten a cheaper overdrive pedal and it would have sounded the same to me lol. I'm not a really developed player yet, but hey it was a gift so thanks person who gave me the gift card. I'm thinking about exchanging it tho...My amp isnt a full tube amp its a valve state and this pedal is strictly for tube amps i heard...tone settings are overwhelming.
  5. Thanks for all the sugestion guys. It was a bit more costly but I ended up getting the Ibanez Tube screamer 808. My amp has reverb BTW
  6. I dunno, I like classical spanish music. Like flamenco style. I Like neil young Radiohead Tool. DAmn I like all genres lol. But let me make it easier for you guys. Jimmy Page. Thats it lol. My amp has reverb and overdrive. Sounds really good I like to set my overdrive with high gain and also my clean channel
  7. Hey if you had a $150 gift card a gibson les paul with p90 pickups and a Marshall avt2000 combo amp, which effects pedals would you guys buy. I'm in that situation right now so I need some help on that. I dont own any pedals.
  8. Anyone who mentioned Gran Turismo 5 gets 10 stars in my book. I play decent. No crazy lap times, but I'm good. Lui4life is my pSN if anyone wants to lose.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcYu5Vg_YH8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_p0BbWLInQ&feature=related Thom Yorke Hijacked this thread guys.
  10. Most people only know radiohead from this one song and think that thats their only hit...In reality That song isnt even in my top 5 radiohead songs...I think most radiohead fans would agree with this.
  11. Hey guys, is it normal for the E string to buzz when you're strumming open string. It's a brand new guitar, and from what I noticed it hits the metal part around the 5th or 6th fret. Thanks. Should I bring it to sam ash to get adjusted or something?
  12. I can vouch for the Ampeg 100R...It's awesome.
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