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  1. Properly winding your strings around the tuning posts, and stretching your strings can do as much to help or harm your tuning stability as a badly cut nut. Also check your intonation. If it is off, your guitar is off (as a whole).
  2. The PCB in my LP Studio and SG Special seem to be good stuff. Only time will tell though. The pots still have the Gibson logos, and seem to be about the same pots used as before the PCB. I suppose if a fella were good with a soldering iron, changing parts on the PCB wouldn't be so hard at all......
  3. Of course they are. Almost every "standard" production guitar they make has the PCB board. It speeds up production by making the electronics a simple, drop in unit. There's nothing wrong with it, as long as you like the pickups that came in the guitar. Even then, you can buy special plugs to allow you to simply unplug the old pups, and plug in the new ones. It only becomes a hassle if you have a pot go bad or something. I have 2 Gibbys with the PCB and they are fine guitars. The other 2 have the traditional point to point wiring. This is inevitable, progress, call it what you will......anything to speed production and lower production costs! (Make more, faster, for less) LOL.
  4. It sucks, but it is all too common. Could go with top hats.....but I dont like the feel of them the same way.
  5. That does make a huge difference! Looks great. May I ask, is this actual binding, or paint?
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