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  1. I had GC take off $200 on a brand new SG faded special, and when I bought my LP Trad Plus, I got them to throw in several packs of strings, a new set of control knobs AND the $200 service plan (which I never used and has since expired). All you have to do is ask, or better yet, point out a defect in the merchandise, such as scratches or the only model available in the color you want being floor model.
  2. You're a good man! I don't even believe in licenses to carry. Any time you have to have a license, you are turning your desired activity into a privilege (hunting, fishing, marriage). It's all total BS. One day they will require a license to have kids for goodness sakes! People need to wise up, take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and not try to rely on government to solve our problems. When you try to rely on government to solve issues, they write laws. Laws will always restrict freedoms. Enough laws enacted, and you can't do anything without permission, if at all. Again, Sir, You are a good man.
  3. Considering how many gun owners there are in the USA (millions), versus how many mass shootings take place, your argument has no weight. There are a few "crazies" out there, sure. But most legal gun owners are responsible with them. The vast majority of gun violence taking place in this country is gang-related and takes place in larger, urban areas. The "good" people in places like that should want a firearm more than us good 'ol country folks. You are much more likely to get mugged in a city than mauled by a bear in the country.
  4. People who are afraid of guns really should get out and get some experience with them. I bet the majority of folks would enjoy target shooting, and would then wish to own a firearm. There is nothing wrong with firearm ownership (It is in fact a RIGHT in the USA). Study the founding fathers and their beliefs on the matter. They lived through tyranny. Then study the Constitution. It will all make much more sense then. I personally feel safer with the people having firearms, rather than only police and military units being the ones armed. That is when people become oppressed, controlled, and then systematically eliminated by their governments. It has happened in history over and over. Criminals won't be the one's printing their own guns anyway, it will rather be the people who are regulated and controlled to the point of de-facto slavery to the government. And if that never comes to pass here in the good 'ol USA, it won't matter anyway because criminals will always own real firearms, imported just the same as drugs. That's just the 2 cents of this small town police officer from NC.
  5. I had a Suzuki strat-copy in the mid 90's. It was called the "santa fe" series. Built very well, but sounded like crap.
  6. Congrats! I have an LG-3 from the same era! Great little guitars.
  7. Nothing wrong with the shim method. If you just can't wrap your head around the idea of using shims, some guitarists have a few additional saddles made for their guitars so when the weather changes, they can simply swap out the saddles for a higher or lower one accordingly.
  8. I've owned 2 Classic Series 60's Strats (still have one!) and a Classic Series 70's Strat. All are great guitars. The 70's reissue was a very nice guitar. They claim to have reproduced the U-shaped neck profile, but it wasn't anything close to my original '74 Strat. It felt like a C-shape to me. Otherwise, the MIM guitars are usually very well made guitars (even the standard series). I am a big-time Fender fan, but I am also a big-time Gibson fan. Both companies make fine guitars. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
  9. I had an Epi with gold hardware once. I couldn't keep the darn hardware from turning green to save my life! The problem seemed worse when left in a case for any length of time. Sometimes off-gassing from plastic parts/finishes on the guitar can cause corrosion on the hardware if left in a case. Also, the case itself can tarnish hardware too, either due to moisture in the case itself, or off-gassing from chemicals in the case materials. Otherwise, leaving the guitar out on a stand, in a controlled environment seemed to work best for me. Just wipe your guitars down well after playing. Some people's sweat acts like acid on the finish and hardware!
  10. My thoughts, Old guitars are great and have that worn in feel and usually have been played enough to open up and sound beautiful. But just because the guitar is old and "vintage" doesn't make it a magical object. How the guitar was taken care of over the years makes all the difference. Old guitars usually need something, be it re-gluing loose braces, fixing a lifting bridge or needing a neck reset, fixing cracks (because solid wood guitars are very prone to this). If you happen across a vintage acoustic that is truly ready to rock, and is in good shape, be prepared for a bad case of "sticker shock"! New guitars give the benefit of a store's return policy (hopefully) and some form of a factory warranty. Also, other than a general setup for your style, a new guitar shouldn't require any work to be done to play well. If you buy quality, a new guitar will retain value over the years, and it too will age gracefully into a fine old instrument one day. Generally speaking, a new model guitar will cost much less than the same model made 40-50 years prior! Personally, If I were only going to have 1 guitar for a while, I'd buy a new, or almost new guitar. If I already owned a decent guitar of two, I'd test the waters with a vintage model. Someday, you will be in a situation to own both new and old, if you stick with it.
  11. I've put electric strings on an acoustic before. The only things I noticed were the guitar became easier to play, and the sound became a little brighter and thinner. The volume output of the guitar decreased somewhat too. Otherwise the guitar sounded pretty darn good. Only other thing is, you may need a compensated saddle due to the G string being unwound on the electric set throwing intonation out a little as you go up the neck. :) At only $4-$6 a set for strings, why not give it a try and see if it does what you like?!?!?!
  12. Does your tele have a maple fingerboard? If so, the weather had 100% to do with why your Gibby went weird on you. Maple fingerboards and all Richenbakers have finish on their fingerboards. Your rosewood board guitars usually don't. This means guitars with finished boards will not lose or absorb moisture as fast and will remain more stable. Your usual rosewood board is an unfinished, bare piece of wood. Exposed to the elements, of course it will expand and contract much faster. :)
  13. If you have the money, there is no reason to not buy the Traditional. The traditional is an awesome guitar, with much more "bling" than the Studio. Both are fine guitars, but the Traditional is so much nicer looking.
  14. Thanks everyone! So it could be anywhere between a 1948 to 1954 model huh? I guess a 7 year spread isn't too bad. I had never heard of this model until just before acquiring it. After some online research, it appears my fellow guitar pickers love these old, small-body, X-braced beauties! I like how light the guitar feels, and the width/string spacing of a Gibson neck has always suited my hand better. I was concerned the truss rod nut would have been long seized, but before adjustment, I dabbed on some WD-40 with a q-tip and let it sit. The truss rod then adjusted smoothly and it still adds and removes relief, which was to MY relief LOL. Just curious......All my other Gibsons have a brass colored truss rod nut, but they are nowhere near this old. This old LG-3 had what looks like a steel or stainless steel nut? Any ideas? Educate me please. :)
  15. Thanks everyone! But this guitar has narrow frets, they are just really worn. I say the frets are narrow cause they are about 1/16th inch wide. I guess the frets look big in the picture.....
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