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  1. I guess if you were someone who's only played Gibsons ehn this is probably a breath of fresh air. Keep Rockin
  2. It seems that when I started this thread I must have put to much of my personal opinion in the thread but all I was trying to do was start up a topic on the guitar itself not the fact that I don't like it so in lite of the current situation here's the proper questions. What does everyone think about the new Axcess. Have you played it? Do you love it ? Do you hate it? How do you guys think it will hold up against other LP models since it's a far cry from the rest? Keep Rockin Man
  3. So what do you think of the guitar itself? All I'm saying is why change what has worked well. I have 2 Jacksons with Floyd Rose Trems I love them to pieces but thats Jacksons thing. I pickup a stop bar version of the same model and it leaves me wanting. On the same note I've owned several Fenders that all have the same old vintage style 6 bolt Fender trem, but too pickup a FR loaded Strat it kinda leaves you with a weird feeling inside. You expect certain things from certain companies. They have all made there mark with something there all well known for something. Don't bite the hand that fee
  4. I was looking for your opinion on the guitar bro not on my post. I hope I diden't affend you as I said I love Gibson as a company and don't think they need to be like "everyone else" to sell guitars. As history would show it everyone else has had to get like Gibson to be succesful. Sorry for the miscommunication. Keep Rockin
  5. I've been a Gibson fan for years but I have to say that I don't like the new Axxces model. I don't like the FR on this guitar. I loath the neck joint completly. I know I'll probably get roasted for this but I'm a Gibson purest. You buy a Gibson because its heavy, and it's rich and full sounding because of the lack of the trem and I've always really liked Gibsons neck joint it always looked elegant to me and because it was large it added much more wood tone and sustain to the mix. I also really hate that because of all this extra stuff Gibson has added it's drove the price of this LP Model thre
  6. Whats up guys I'm new to the forum here I,ve only posted 1 other topic, so here's another 1 for you. I've just done some light modding to my V.3 VJ combo and I'm pleased with the results, but I loath the fact that this amp has no standby switch. The info that I need to know is were on circuit do I need to add said switch of doom!! I'm fairly savvy with amp electronics but just never installed a SB switch before, and to be quite honest with you I'm to lazy to rip the chassis out of my XXX to to trace said wires back to the source!! Thanks Men in advance Daniel
  7. I could be mistaken and probably am I'll recheck and repost. But I know that the plate volts is around 318VDC which is still too high for the EL84 which if I'm not mistaken has a 300 PV max right. How would I lower the plate volts all together to get it down around 285 to 300? Thanks for your patience.
  8. 318VDC Anode to Cathode, 326VDC Cathode withthe chassis as reference. Thanks
  9. My name is Daniel and I've been an Epi fan for a number of years now and I just bought my first EVJ a few weeks ago to use as a test/practice amp at my shop. After getting the amp I played it for a few hours and changed the tubes out for a set of JJ's which I have grown to like. I played the amp for a week or so and it fried my brand new JJ EL84 :( After breaking out the multimeter and doing some testing after re-installing the stock Sovtek EL84 I found the the power tube is biased way to hot for any of the modern production tubes. Which means I would never be able to run some of the much nice
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