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  1. You have played that guitar before pal. I always liked the way it sounded with Martin SP 11-54
  2. Hi, my name is Fred and I'm a guitaroholic B)
  3. I know I shouldn't wait for things like this to bring me together with old friends, but life has a way of getting in the way of best intentions. I heard from OWF almost every day and will miss his friendship and humor. See ya on the B side Bob, Ride like the wind.
  4. Just dropped by to see what condition my condition was in. Hope everyone is doing well
  5. Just dropped by to see what condition my condition was in. Hope everyone is doing well
  6. you stalking me ? :)

  7. Hi girl

    saw you visited my profile not long ago. You ever going to show us your J-200 ?

  8. Just listened to all of your posts on soundcloud. Doesn't get much better !
  9. Hey pal, since posting your vid this morning it has hit 25% virality. Won't be long until you're up there with Gangnam style.

  10. Hi Mark, welcome aboard lots of great folks, fun, and knowledge here. but ya have to post pictures of your "wood" to really join the "club"
  11. come visit my page Emmett

    post some vids, don't make me beg


  12. and yes, it's going to at Eric's shop

  13. Bob, Do you think that you and the wife might make it up this year?

  14. glad you liked my "office"

    Good to hear that your on the path.

  15. Ethan, welcome aboard! I wish that I could find a local jam group like yours here in the mountains of CA.
  16. Neil's been known to do shows like that.

    Fooled me.

  17. Welcome to the forum. What part of the country are you from?

  18. Wow! Beautiful guitar, Welcome aboard. Lot's of members from your neighborhood here.
  19. Look for a serial number on the label or printed in ink inside the guitar. post pictures of said guitar. and pray that it isn't a 1970
  20. No leaving the jam before dark this year

  21. A belated Happy Birthday pal

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