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  1. The guitar has walnut finish and the lyre vibrato. Which is just as well. I'm not a fan of Bigsby. Just never liked them. Thanx for the advice!
  2. Anyone have any ideas what kind of frets would work with a 1969 es 355? The ones on there now are too low to get a good grip on the strings for bending and playing in general. I just had them dressed but that did not help the problem. I'd like to put the saem frets that are used on my es 345 reissue. Any one have any ideas? I know Im screwing around wth the value of the guitar, but I don't as a rule sell my guitars. Seven10Ashbury@aol.com
  3. Thanx guys. That's a big help. I think it might be the jack because I got it working and when the tremolo arm swung and hit it it went out again. But I'm having both checked anyway. That schematic is out of my league. I need a guide to read a schematic to work on the guitar. Usually I can just change pickups and stuff and that's just a matter of swapping parts and wires. Thanks a bunch! Joe
  4. Can I switch out the stereo jack on my 1969 355 and replace it with a mono jack without impairing the use of the Varitone switch, or am I stuck in stereo? I don't mind. I'm just wondering. What I really need to know is if I can replace the stereo jack with a new one because it just went out. I'm hoping a connection came loose, but the electronics are a little too complicated for me. Seven
  5. Thanx guys. I've been away from the guitar for a while and I'm jumping back in with both feet, so to speak. I figured the 355 was an "SV", but the sticker said es355TDW. It kind of threw me. Also, the Varitone switch is OK, it's just a little loose. My guitar guy sends it out to the Gibson people here in I think Van Vuys or something and so far they've been really cool.
  6. I just received a 1969 es 355 off of ebay. It's in OK condition for a forty two year old guitar. The bridge pickup is not working, though. Will switching out the harness (assuming it is not the pickup) make it less valuable? I have a letter of authentication from Gruhn Guitars, but I'm still wondering if the electronics were even checked before they put it up for sale (or they left that part out.) The pots are huge too, is that normal? (The neck pickup is awesome sounding through my Marshall JCM.) Seven
  7. I just purchased a 1969 es 355 off ebay. I was going over the photos again and I noticed that there was no Made in the USA stamp on the back. It got a lot of bids, and the seller had a 100% rating. Also, they said it was inspected and approved by Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. So, it sounds legit...but is it? Did Gibson not stamp their headstocks that far back? Any details on this guitar would be greatly appreciated. Seven
  8. Thanx for the input. I have a better idea of what Im doing now. =)
  9. I have a 1982/3 es335. I think it needs a new nut and frets. The things 30 years old (I'm not the original owner.) I was told not to touch the nut or anything because it would hurt the value of the guitar. The problem is, I can't bend the strings very well (or at least as easily as I can on my LP, SG and 135 which all have new to newish frets) and I'm convinced that if the nut and frets were made new that it would play better. I've adjusted and readjust the action and the set-up several times. Any ideas? Oh, and there's nothing remarkable about the 335, except for the pickups (Shaws). What abo
  10. What do you guys think of using flatwound strings? I remember my old guitar teacher used them on his strat. The thing was vintage. 50's maybe 60's? And an old, old tube amp. Name was Hal Capen. Anyway, I digress. What do you all think? I remember they sounded real vintagy and jazzish. I also almost bought a 1968 ES345 with the original flatwounds but couldn't swing it. Seven10Ashbury
  11. Did the height of the nut on ES models change between the early 335 reissues and later ES models? I have a brand new reissue 345 and the nut seems higher and it is more playable action-wise. Can't get the action set right on my '83 335 model. Any ideas? Would a new nut help? THANX! Joe P. Seven10Ashbury@aol.com
  12. I just bought a 1982 ES335 online at an auction site. It came completely out of whack. When I went to set it up, I noticed that the truss rod won't turn. The little knob on it seems to just tighten and loosen but not adjust the relief. (Sorry....I've been working all day and I can't think of what the little bugger is called.)My guess is that the truss rod is stuck inside, like it hadn't been adjusted for 20 years. Anyone have any ideas? J.P. Seven10Ashbury@aol.com
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