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  1. Thanks for all the help guys but i waited to late he sold it for 75 bucks.I didnt know thats all he wanted for it I would have gave him that just because it looked cool
  2. Thanks guys Ill try to get a pic up today but thanks for all the help
  3. He told me make an offer but i dont want to pay to much and i dont want to hurt his felling by low balling him. I was trying to get some info before i made an offer
  4. I tried Google and an English-Italian translator i couldnt figuer it out
  5. I need some help. This guy got a guitar willed to him and dosent play so im looking to buy it but i dont know what its worth. He says all he knows is its Italian; And old. Theres no markings on the head but the tag inside has CASA MUSICALE, GIUSEPPE FUSCO , TREVISO, STRUMENTIED ED EDIZION MUSICALI, DISCHI DI TUTTLE LA MARCHE can anyone help
  6. "Ding Dong The Wtich Is Dead"-The Munchkins
  7. It ain't going to matter the Falcons are gona take it All!
  8. Thank you thats what i wanted to know.
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