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  1. Hello guys! Thanks a lot for the answers. I see it now in the link you sent me jdgm. It has that "Natural Stain, Tobacco Stain" finish. I just asked you guys how to spot that because I live in a place where I can hardly buy a guitar personaly. I need to do it online and that way sometimes gets tricky to spot the diference. I live in europe no plans in the near future to travel to the states Twang Gang, so will be dificult to buy it in thouse places. But anyway, thanks a lot guys! It was very informative!
  2. Hello guys, Since 2014 I have been thinking about buying one of this Memphis 1959 ES-175 Natural just because is so gorgeous. But recently I see the lacker (I guess) has change. The 2012, 2013, 2014 models look like prety clean and transparent. Now it looks like carmel color. Does someone know if you can some how read in the specification of the guitar if it is that carmel color or the clearer one? Does somebody knows if Gibson Memphis gonig to stick from now on to that kind of lacker? Thank you guys!
  3. Absolutly Murph, Actually that's what I do mostly, record albums. Never playing live. So for me the pick up would be just for practicing guitar porpuses. I do like better the LR Baggs sound than the Fishman, but I guess that's totaly a personal choise. And yeah, I think I am getting some usefull information in this thread regarding the year and pick ups... as you said: any guitar from 2006 has a LR Baggs element and untill 2005 a Fishman Natural (I think) Thanks for the support by the way!
  4. Hey mountainpicker, Thanks for the offert! Sure sounds interesting. I will PM you so we can talk about it. Regards!
  5. Absolutly Boyd, I am glad to read your comment. I often judge people, but when I do it, after some minuts I realise it and I think that's not the smartest think to do since we have our own issues. Eating or drinking problems, insecurity... mine is guitars and synthesizers obsessions. Anyway, I appreciate your comment Boyd. Regards and take care!
  6. Hey Moosesyr, I am glad you joined the conversation too... Your is a 2006 standard, right? Regards and thank you again!
  7. Well guys, As far as I concer, I feel finally satisfied with the answer. Thanks a lot to everyone, specialy to gearbasher who posted the pictures that clarified the topic and to keith that has answered me for the 3th time on this topic. By the way guys, just one more question... Some of the users where very surprised about me being so worried about the exact model of the PU... Am I really the only one who really cares about this tiny "stupid" details? Thanks again guys. Love you all!
  8. Lol gearbasher, That OCD tag its about perfect for me. You are the man. That really really brought light into the topic.I really appreciate your time... and in case you were very worried, that last comment about the other 3 J-45 didn't burst your bubble! Again my friend Thanks a lot, and I hope it wasn't too much of a trouble!
  9. blindboygrunt, Though this kind of puzzles is the way I personally lern. No to mention that through this kind of situations I lern about life and myself, but that would be a topic for another kind of forum. I do not expect you, or anyone understand my quest... as I said before... I do it like someone buy an old 1950 Chevy and restore it and I enjoy it. I just suppsed I could post about a topic in a forum where people care about this kind of technical issues, to see if someone can help. Thankfully lot of you guys helped, which I really appreciate. And from now on I guess I could tell better what's the physical difference between a Fishman and a LR Baggs. Thanks to a lot of memeber. Thank you!
  10. Well that would be really awsome moosesyr, I will PM you so you can send me the pictures though email if you can. And not a problem at all I can wait untill you change the strings. And when I solve the mistery I will post the answer in case someone else has the same doubt! Thanks again mate. I really appreciate the effort!
  11. Thanx gearbasher, Well I don't think there is another way to know it... maybe in the Owner's manual??? If not I can wait until you change the strings... you can take a picture when you do it...
  12. Sure Sbpark, Not a problem at all. The answer is plain simple: I am just that kind of obsesive guy who like to have the guitar in its original state... like when someone buy an old model car and they restore it.
  13. Nice voice! Great performance. I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hello Relic, That's a very clever suggestion, I have to admit that idea never crossed my mind. I think I will try that: contacting directly Fishman and L.R. Baggs! Thanks a lot for your suggestion!
  15. Thanks Boyd, Yeah, like I said in the last answer, my guess is that Gibson has been using L.R. Baggs elements since somewhere arround 2006 - 2008
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