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  1. Funny, I usually pick up an electric. I just spent an hour on my front porch in the carolina sun enjoying getting to know this one. The more I play it, the more I love it
  2. Go spend some time in the acoustic room of your favorite store. Some people like Taylor, some Martin, some larivee.....you get the idea. I just went through this process. It came down to Martin and Gibson for me. I ended up with the j45. It spoke to me in terms of tone and playability. Gibson seems to have up sized their acoustic game. Prices and models at reasonable price points are hitting he market...take the j35 and lg3 for example Good luck. The fun is in the hunt.
  3. yep. 2 Les Pauls and now the J-45
  4. To say that I am pleased is a gross understatement.
  5. I'm so happy I cant stand it. Waiting for my j45 acoustic electric to ship. My grandfather had a 64 LG-0. Never owned a new Gibson Acoustic before. Pics to follow! 2standards
  6. How many out there in Gibson Land have this guitar? Im curious if someone from Gibson can chime in and tell us how many were manufactured, and how many made it out the door with a rosewood fretboard... Share your pic and story! Mine will be here in a few days.
  7. i didnt notice there was a separate site ...
  8. I ordered the goldtop today. The pictures in the thread threw me over the edge...LOL Can't wait for it. It has 2 sisters waiting for her.
  9. henry: I just pulled the trigger on a 60's tribute Les Paul Studio in Gold. Looking forward to it arriving at my retailer and shipment to me. Like many, I told ya that I would buy one! Lot's of people will in this price point if the quality is right! I have 2 Gibson Les Paul Standards but would not have been able to afford a reissue in this style. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your market share and strengthen the brand. Thanks for hearing us Luddites out! Best regards, james e concord, nc
  10. I agree with this post. I have a JCA20 Head and Cab and I love it.
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