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  1. That makes sense to me. Maybe Ren's current employer thought that his comments might send some negative signals out into the potential marketplace for their new product line by airing the difficulties that they face just getting to market. Orders from retailers and distributors could certainly dry up if they believed that they might never receive what they order.
  2. I saw him several years ago at the N.O. Jazz Fest and he would switch between two apparently identical J-200's. Maybe they were in different tunings but the difference between them wasn't obvious.
  3. Actually, they are more like $500 + for a not exactly custom sized case. http://www.ameritagecases.com/details.php?sku=AME-20&cat=Gold_Series&line=Acoustic_Guitar&pname=Dreadnought
  4. Even though it's not a Gibson and nobody's too sure what it is, if you like the way it sounds and plays then just enjoy it!
  5. I don't know what it is but I know what it isn't. I own a late 60's vintage Dove and that is NOT a real Gibson.
  6. I won so much money that I'm gonna have a lesson with a different one every week!!
  7. That's a really beautiful guitar and if my 7 year old Hummingbird Artist is any indication, you ain't heard nothin' yet! I wasn't familiar with the J-15 so I searched around on the net to educate myself and noticed one very odd fact. Unlike just about any other new guitar, the price on the Gibson website is $1,499 and the going price at the on-line sellers is $1,499. What's up with that???
  8. I live in Baton Rouge, LA and there is nobody here that I would recommend. I'm about to try out Abita Springs Guitars (also known as Manuel & Patterson) to do some fret work. They actually build custom guitars and have gotten good national press so I'm very hopeful. If it turns out good I'll post something about it in the future.
  9. I had tennis elbow (in my left) that just lingered and lingered until I found an effective exercise that I could do on my own - no expensise PT needed. Check out this video: It really works! I use one of those bars three times a week and my elbow is better than new. They come in 4 sizes. I started with the red one like in the video (it's the second size) and gradually worked my way up but if it works on you like it did on me you'll have relief just by using the red one. I just decided to go up in size to improve my strength. You can find them on-line and the prices vary from pretty
  10. I cruised through the "Let's Talk Guild" forum and there seems to be less interest on this subject over there than there is here. There was a thread about this same video tour with a few "liked it" type comments and another thread started by a guy who had compared an Orpheum slope to some Gibsons. He described the Orpheum as surprisingly un-Gibson-like and seemed to prefer the Gibsons as having a stronger bass better for his fingerpicking style. I say Gibson has a lot of life left in it yet! Of course, I always believe that the only guitar that you can say is better or worse is one that you ha
  11. What I'd like to know is does (or will) Ren's influence extend beyond the custom shop to all the standard Guild models? The Orpheums look great but they're a little pricy for me!
  12. In their day, Grammer Guitars were all the rage in Nashville. Billy Grammer, who started the company, was a popular singer and player of the time. Many big stars played them but I don't know if that was because they actually were so good or because Billy Grammer was "one of them" and had the relationships needed to get his guitars on stage front and center. They sure had the Nashville look! I've heard that maybe after Ampeg took over they weren't so good. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Grammer If you want a similar look in a Martin guitar, here's the ticket: http://mandoweb.com
  13. I think Gene Vincent created the image of the "Rockabilly Rebel" that most people associate with that style of music today. Lots of black leather and totally cooool! There couldn't have been any Stray Cats without Gene and his Blue Caps.
  14. Looks just like my Hummingbird Artist. Don't see anything mysterious.
  15. That's one good thing about living in the deep southeastern states. I don't even know if you could find a humidifier at a music store around here. It just happens naturally!
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