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    GOR Upgrade?

    Okay this is a topic Gibson won't say anything about (as far as I know) and it's been awhile. So just asking, would it be able for me to replace the tuners in the guitar or will I run into problems there?
  2. That's hard one. It may be possible I won't get a summer job (only 16) and won't be able to pay.
  3. Ahh damn! Won't be able to get it then.
  4. OMG!! Screw all the other guitars I was gonna get!! I getting this baby!! Is this a limited run or can I buy it in a year?
  5. Thank you for the advice, but what about for overdrive?
  6. Make the person scream with joy, then we don't pay. For some reason Mr. Burns from the Simpsons comes in my mind. "Excellent"
  7. Are you serious though about the playing loud part? I don't really want to annoy people.
  8. I actually forgot to put what type of music. I play for my church and youth so the room size is about 50-100 people and about 700 people. The room with 700 people has very high ceiling and it's very open and carpet flooring (that specific?) The youth room is about 50-100 people and has 15 foot ceiling and a tile floor. I play music mostly clean and some nicely overdriven ones. I need the clean to be clean on most high volumes, but if it starts crunching that's fine, as long as it doesn't go overdriven. I heard the haze gets overdriven with volume on clean. The sound I want to get is as I said, clean, and overdriven (not too extreme overdrive) But what does the amp head wattage particularly mean? Is the Haze full stack going to be louder than a 100w amp and such stuff like that.
  9. I'm buying a Gibson Les Paul 1st run robot guitar in mint condition soon. Before anyone starts flaming, I'm getting the guitar at $1200, a steal almost. The guitar is real by the way. I was wondering about what amp or set up I need to use. An amp head and cab or combo amp under $1000 please. I need it for small-medium gigs. Please recommend anything. I was looking at the Marshall Haze full stack but I'm unsure about the loudness of it. Does the amp head wattage make a difference with the cabs? I was also looking at the Marshall MA and MG 100w amps. Someone give me quality over those. And If all else fails or so, I was looking at the Fender Mustang Amp head and cab or the Mustang 150w combo amp. Anyone have any suggestions.
  10. It's @ 1400. Breaks my heart seeing people pay for that fake with so much money :( the stick on the back that says "Gibson" was the giveaway for me. No gibson has that as far as I know.
  11. I was looking at guitars at a store and I saw this guitar. It was gorgeous but instead of looking like a regular custom, it had a gold hardware maestro vibrato. Does anyone know where I can find this guitar on a website?
  12. Well that was really the point. I was thinking of the Les Paul for hard rock, the Strat/345 for blues and jazz, and the Gibson EDS-1275 for rhythm and some mean soloing and everything between.
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