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  1. Now I get, well Happy birthday and many happy returns How old, or shouldn't I ask?? And all this time from your personal emails I was thinking of GUITARS!!!!! How silly of me Anyway, hope you live to be 100 Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  2. Hey guys, the fact that someone would spend alot of money on a custom shop job as a gift -especially when the cat doesn't play who would???? second need pics better than posted, can't zoom - need close up shots It's possible this guitar is coming out of Hong Kong-****ing China need better pics Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  3. Michael. L.

    Help me :)

    Check this out and enjoy Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  4. Michael. L.

    Help me :)

    Check this out and enjoy Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  5. Michael. L.

    Help me :)

    Hey man The one that feels the best-it's all personal I have a '97 standard les paul in honeyburst -bought new-weighs a tonne and love it to death also a '54 custom les paul -re issue black beauty-historic collection and probably the most amazingly tonal les paul made-period check out the disqus thread of mine on this black beauty on the Gibson website-products-electric guitars-Les paul and "54 black beauty custom Let me know I also like the collectors #1 Gary Moore/Peter Green re issue -amazing!!! Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  6. Hey ladies, Just some brief info to further add my 2 cents worth I have a 15watt pro junior in limited tweed finish from around '97 changed the standard Eminence speaker in it and replaced it with a Jensen Alnico, improvement in sound was remarkable,,, and I mean remarkable!!!! next, replaced the 2 EL84 power tubes that were labelled Fender made made by Sovtek, replaced them with 2 Sovtek EL84 M -military spec. again the sound was improved drasticall!! next, replaced the 2 standard "again Fender badged" 12ax7s -chinese made with one Sovtek 12ax7 WB in the V! position and Sovtek 12ax7 LPS in V2 This was the biggest improvement overall Can't stress enough that you amps "tone" primarily comes from the pre amp tubes As for biasing, I know for a fact the my Fender pro junior does not require biasing when changing power amp tubes as the amp from the factory is biased and set on the "hot side" deliberately as to provide that beautiful early breakup I suspect that the blues junior follows suite, but not sure!!! Anyway, enough said, enjoy your amp, like I enjoy mine!!!! I posted an extremely long response to Watersilk's thread, "The quest for perfect tone" in regards to tone and tubes Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  7. Hey man, Throw the damn thing in the bin!!! Only joking, it's good to see some cats can venture away from the typical les paul and experiment with something new Very nice, Can't say much about the F's in the background though. I'm a Marshall kind o' guy!!! Still very nice,,, and remember "only a Gibson is good enough" Enjoy, Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  8. Hey cats, just checking in, haven't been on forum for week or two Found this-thought I'd share it with you ladies, Truly amazing!! Enjoy Cheers Mick from OZ!!!!
  9. Hey man, I hear and feel you!!! Keep strong, I too went through this only a couple of years ago with mum- Family, friends, and never forget music, they all heel!!! Keep in touch, Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  10. Hey man, For Jeff Beck, not only is it the shoes, but those hidious sunglasses Not to mention Gary Moore -RIP- his was those long sleeved business shirts he always used to wear-looked like he was going to work in the office cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  11. Hey man Welcome to the dark side Do what I did, throw everything you've got out and start again!!! Only Joking There is no starting point or finishing point when it comes to Les Pauls I have battled with this for years and have only come to one conclusion Just buy more of them, otherwise you will go mad like I did !!!! Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
  12. Hey Cats, Just a heads up!!! I have one of these and use it extensively with my Les Pauls and Marshall 100 watt plexi Amazing pedal-period- http://www.wamplerpedals.com/distortions/pinnacle.html Enjoy!!! Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  13. Hey all cool cats!!! Just letting you know that I went out and put a deposit down on yet another Gibson Les Paul!!! I've got a Gibson fetish-especially when it comes to Les Pauls- My wife will probably leave me, but who cares???? Gary Moore BFG-current issue with the kill switch and Burstbucker 3 and P90- Needed a guitar to leave lying around the house-no concern if the kids jump on it, or it the cat pisses on it, or even drop the $%@#ing thing when I'm drunk!!!! Finish, is well like it states "barely finished" Playability, awesome!!! Sound, amazing with this combo of pickups!!! I'll have it home soon!!! In answer to Too much babying Yes, I too sometimes have that problem with my other Gibsons!!! Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  14. Hey Man, simply AMAZING I think Gibson got this package just right!!! Back in '54 my re issue I bought new in OZ for a good price around 1997 check out on Gibson website under products-electric guitars-Les Paul- and go to the '54 black beauty thread I posted some info on the disqus thread under this guitar Let me know what you get out of it Also, check out some of my pics under Marshall forum Same user name Cheers, Mick from OZ!!!!
  15. Hey Man, After seeing the video of him Live at Ronnie Scotts -my jaw dropped!!! I've always loved this guy and hadn't seen anything for some time after his last 6 or so albums-was absolutely blown away Saw him in Melbourne Australia live last year and absolutely mind blowing His bass guitarist-the young girl is from OZ!!! Love his new album just released recently emotion and commotion I personally prefer Gary Moore, but then who's to say who's better than who I too felt like -what's the point- but there can only be one Jeff and one Gary and one Jimmy and so it goes on Keep playing dude, "Music for the Masses" cheers, Mick from OZ!!!
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