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  1. Anyone played one? Looks like they added a J-185 style recently and they already have a J and LG style model. Gotta think these will be killer with Dale Fairbanks involved. ref: https://www.irisguitarcompany.com/
  2. I didn’t know they made the Elite in koa. Very cool. Pics? I would think the ebony, abolone and koa would be a sight to see.
  3. These are all some good looking guitars! I have a J-45 Vintage I am going to sell or I’d like to trade toward a ‘57 SJ-200 Reissue or Elite Custom. I have a ‘44 Banner maple J-45 and the J-45 Vintage is actually too similar.
  4. I had one of these and regret selling it. Anyone played once against the new '57 Reissue or J-200 Vintage? anyone have one they want to sell? it's been awhile since i have been around here but i thought there was a classified section. is that not the case anymore?
  5. I found a lot more info after searching a bit but would love to hear some first hand stories from someone who did this for an acoustic? would like to know which dealer(s) would offer the best discount......???
  6. Has anyone had Gibson build them a guitar via the Made2Measure program? Don Ruffatto told me they can make customs through a dealer nowadays. Any specific dealer recommendations? I know they did this quite some time ago but I didn’t know they were doing it now.
  7. pcf

    '32 Nick Lucas

    Hey guys, that one’s mine. It has a very modern feeling neck. Maybe JT can confirm but I believe all the 13 fret NL’s had floating bridges. That’s what John Arnold told me. Anyway, this guitar may be my all one favorite but arthritis is limiting my play so I’m selling all my high end stuff.
  8. That’s cool. I’ll look for a sound clip. I’m selling a 1932 Nick Lucas made with BRW. pm me if you are interested.
  9. I’m referring to the J-45 Vintage with a baked top made somewhere from 2012-2019. I like the neck. Just curious how these new reissue necks compare. DaveF, It appears your rosewood 42 Southern Jumbo reissue has a slimmer neck. How do you like it’s tone?
  10. Anyone know if these have identical necks?
  11. pcf

    Looking for

    Tom, I’ve admired photos of your L-2 before. Lovely guitar. Any experience with rosewood versus mahogany versions?
  12. A early 30’s L-2 gold sparkle...please PM if you have one or known of one. Haven’t signed on in years. Still some good reading around here!
  13. i just listed one of these in the Trading Post if anyone is interested. really quite a nice classical. much better than the C-0 and C-1's that populate the market.
  14. i.e. does it cover resetting the neck, bridge reglue if lifting, etc? is it basically the same as a Martin warranty?
  15. save your $50 to Gruhn. it's worth 4.5-5k in that kind of condition. you won't find another for free so it may be worth keeping. just take care of it.
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