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  1. i just listed one of these in the Trading Post if anyone is interested. really quite a nice classical. much better than the C-0 and C-1's that populate the market.
  2. i.e. does it cover resetting the neck, bridge reglue if lifting, etc? is it basically the same as a Martin warranty?
  3. save your $50 to Gruhn. it's worth 4.5-5k in that kind of condition. you won't find another for free so it may be worth keeping. just take care of it.
  4. LET THE BUYER GET IT FIXED!!! i had a well known collector tell me yesterday about a guitar he was trying to buy but the owner insisted on getting it "fixed" first. sure enough - it came back butchered by the guy he sent it to. so, he didn't buy it/the owner no longer had a sale. for those of us with old instruments, we have our own guy(s) whom we trust. for this job, given it's a rare type/unique bridge replacement, you need someone who knows what they are doing and the buyer needs to trust that person. sell it as is via consignment and your life will be easier and you'll get what it's worth.
  5. saw that. the neck issue is a deal breaker for me since I would have to put about 3k total in it. thanks for the note.

  6. saw that. the neck issue is a deal breaker for me since I would have to put about 3k total in it. thanks for the note.

  7. Check out folkway music they have a player grade there. For 1800 needs a bit of work but will be great when complete

  8. Gulfport, MS 39507

  9. Gulfport, MS 39507

  10. Dave F

    Where are you located?

  11. i'm poking around for one but not sure what a fair price for one in original, EX/like new condition would be. Seems like J-185 standards hang anywhere from 1400-1600 but there aren't many True Vintage models on the market to get a good idea of a fair used price. ???
  12. you can get a new JB Model 1 from Fullers for $3600 currently. that's not too far off from a new SJ-200 if i am not mistaken.
  13. Looking for a complete list of CF-100 specs. If anyone has a spec sheet that'd be great. A diagram of the bracing pattern would be great as well. OR, any help pointing me in a direction where I can find this stuff. Thanks!
  14. if you decide you're interested in a J-45 TV let me know. in a week or so i'm listing mine and will only be asking 2250 plus shipping for it.

    just thought i'd throw that at you. tough to sell right now though. i'm trying to move my sj-200 too and it's just not happening.

    best of luck selling the koa.


  15. that sounds right. thanks, guys. i appreciate the help.
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