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  1. I started playing my G-400 yesterday since my SG was dropped off for repair. I'm amazed at how underwhelming the Epi sounds compared to the 490's in the SG. Very tinny and kind of hollow sounding, for lack of a better word. And my Epi Strat copy... Pretty bad after playing the SG exclusively for 4 months. A pup upgrade would be nice, but it's kind of hard for me to justify in a guitar this inexpensive. Seems like it would be a better idea to sell the guitar and upgrade to something higher end. Just my $.02
  2. The scratches are just bare wood according to the repairman. The finish wore off and with it the red color. The roughness I didn't ask about, but I will when I pick the guitar up. I read elsewhere it could be raised grain, which would explain why it looks fine. I can't stand how sticky my g-400 is, especially when sweaty--which in S. FL is most of the time. I'm about to try the steel wool thing on it. What's the worst that can happen, right? Famous last words.
  3. I drove back down to the repair shop today. The repairman said it will be covered under the warranty. Hooray! He said Gibson puts too thin a coat on these types of guitars, and sometimes it just wears off(I was so happy I didn't think to inquire further about why this had happened, or if it's common). They are going to refinish the back of the neck with a thicker coat and re-satin it(if Gibson says it's OK(?), otherwise it will be shipped out). I'm really relieved. In a month filled with bad luck I thought for sure it was going to cost me. I was actually about five minutes from the shop when I realized I put the guitar in the gig back that doesn't have the receipt and warranty in it. Luckily I don't need to show that to them until I pick the guitar up. *phew* I'm sure the marks were not from the guitar stand as he said they were down to bare wood(and they're too spread out), but I think I will put a towel on it in the future, just to be safe. Now I'll be stuck playing my Epi in the meantime. I will have to hunt down some 0000 steel wool as my G-400 definitely has sticky neck syndrome. I'm looking forward to fixing that issue, as then maybe I can do something interesting (P-90's maybe) to that guitar to make it worth picking up again.
  4. So is there anything different about these other than the paint job? I also can't seem to find the SG version on the Epi site. Discontinued?
  5. Thank you for the advice. I will check out the links after work. I read on a Telecaster forum this morning that Gibson does not use grain filler on their guitars, so I was thinking maybe that's what's making it feel rough, because there's certainly a darker/deeper grain in some areas. Who knows if it's true, but it could be the grain I'm feeling. Though why all of a sudden, I don't know, other than some finish is gone. Being that this guitar is only 4 months old and not fully paid for, I'm scared to really mess with it. Hopefully I can get to the repair shop before the weekend as I definitely want them to look at it... before I try anything on my own, tempting as it may be. If it's not warranty covered, and it's an expensive fix I'll probably try the micro-mesh pads. Beyond that, paint and I don't get along well. So, if all else fails maybe I'll sell it and get an SG Standard or something. Satin finish isn't worth squat to me if it rubs off in four months and I'm left with something stickier than the plastic dipped nitro I was trying to avoid.
  6. DADDEO: There's really no scratches to fill, unless they're super small. It's odd, but it's kind of just a big rough spot. No gouges, or holes visible. pfox14: Definitely. A ding or a dent I could understand, but this thing feels like I was resting it against concrete. Willly: After a long drive to the service shop, through a massive street fair, I arrived to find they were closed. I was not pleased, as they answered the phone and gave me directions, but kind of forgot to mention that. So, chances are I won't get back there until Saturday. : / As for the capo, I've never used one. The marks could possibly have been there when I got it, but they could not be felt. They aren't even really scratches so much as... well, I guess missing finish. It's not really a cosmetic thing so much as a playability issue, as the appearance of the marks doesn't bother me. The neck was smooth as silk(I'm 100% certain of this) when I got the guitar and the areas pointed out in the picture are part of the large rough spot, they don't actually make up the whole rough area. In other words, the rough area is for the most part invisible. It's odd. Could I have really worn the finish off this guitar in only four months? If the finish was worn off wouldn't the whole rough spot look like the 'scratches'? i.e. discolored. It just doesn't seem right. I thought maybe I got something sticky on there, but wiping it with a damp rag did nothing. I considered scraping at it with a credit card, but I'm afraid to really mess with it, as I don't want them to blame me for anything. Is there any solvent that would be safe to try? buliwyf: I've actually been doing that the last few weeks, before I realized that there's an issue with the finish, or whatever. My G-400 is smooth, but sticky as can be. That's actually why I opted for the natural finish.
  7. When I first got my SG I put a bunch of fingernail marks up and down the back of the neck with my thumb. Not sure how this happened as I don't usually rest my thumb on the back of the neck, but it happened. Since then I've made sure to keep my thumbnail super short, as I still can't figure out what I did to cause this. Anyway, I've been meaning to try the iron and damp rag trick to pop them out. So, for the past couple weeks I've been noticing that the neck has been 'sticking' more than usual. Today I decided it's time to get rid of those nail marks, as I was assuming that was the cause of the roughness. I put the guitar under a good light and discovered that it's not the nail marks that are the issue. There's a pretty bad rough spot from the second fret all the way down to the 13th. My hands get clammy when playing, so it's harder to feel just how rough the neck really is. But when I checked it out today with dry hands I was pretty disappointed, to say the very least. The rough spot is mostly invisible, but there are areas where the finish has worn off. It runs from the second fret down to the 13th, and it really affects the playability. My first thought was to blame the guitar stand. But, upon closer inspection the guitar stand would have only caused a rough spot(or a defect) around the seventh fret (unless there's some chemical in the foam that has spread through the wood or finish. Sounds ridiculous, but who knows). Plus, I always rest the guitar against my strap, so it's not even making contact with the guitar stand. I called Gibson right away and they have directed me to an authorized repair shop. They also informed me that finish is not covered in the warranty. The arrows point to where the finish is worn off. Not much to see here. I'm not happy, obviously. I purposely chose this guitar for the speedy finish it has, but it's a shame the wood is so soft/exposed with it. This now feels like a sandpit on the side of a racetrack when my hand passes by *screeching tires*. I've babied the heck out of this guitar(I wash my hands before picking it up for pete's sakes!), so if I am to blame for this I'm stumped as to what I did. I'm going to the service shop in a minute to see what they have to say. They don't do finish work, so if it's going to get repaired by Gibson I have to ship it to freakin' Tennessee. Ugh! One more pic, for no reason at all. What do you guys think? Is it an easy repair? Costly?
  8. I would personally get the Prophecy, though I've not played or heard any of them. You guys are making me want another guitar with those pictures.
  9. Congrats! Sweet looking guitar.
  10. In the world of Epiphone, spending more money usually means better quality. Maybe not in every case, but for the most part it's true. Low end Gibson SG's cost as much or less than the high end Epi Les Pauls, so it's really what you prefer. Your best bet is to go try them out for yourself, as this is really subjective. One thing to note is that most of the Epi G-400's are not balanced very well, and will have a heavy neck. Some people can't stand this, others don't care. It all depends on which model you pick. The Epi G-400 Goth, for example is pretty well balanced, where the standard G-400 is not(and they cost about the same). My G-400 is from '02 and it's still in really good shape. No dead frets or anything like that. I don't own any Les Pauls, so maybe someone else can chime in on that.
  11. Alright, thanks. I'll have to spend more time with them I guess, before I decide.
  12. Well, that sounds kinda shaky. Can't a tune o matic just slide into the existing posts, or would it need a whole new bridge? I found a new (second) job that I start tomorrow, so I may have to pull the trigger on one of these when I'm back in the green.
  13. Really light. The finish was super smooth, too. At least compared to my G, which feels sticky. Still I prefer a satin finish, but beggars can't be choosers I guess. And at $400 it seems like a steal. Maybe by the time I can afford it I'll find a sale. If I like it, I don't see a reason to spend twice as much on the Gibson. At least not at this point. Kind of wary of the bridge, too. Not sure why, but people seem to be critical of the wrap around. Limited adjustments or something? Idk.
  14. I actually got a chance to play one of these yesterday. It felt really well balanced to me. Granted I was sitting, and didn't have a strap to throw on it, but it did not feel neck heavy, or unbalanced, like my G-400. Otherwise the neck felt the same, size-wise. Can't be sure I like the tone as much as the 60's tribute, but I was playing on a strange amp, so who knows. I do think I want one of these. =]
  15. Bummer. Thanks though. I was really hoping this thing would be balanced. Guess I have to continue wishing for the 60's tribute. I personally don't mind the neck heaviness of my G-400, my back and neck on the other hand do mind.
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