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    My son, Gideon Django, all things guitar- (collecting, tweaking, customizing, etc). My Music Man HD-130 reverb head, my '65 non-reverse Firebird, Pelham blue flake with three P-90's- I LOVE her! Vinyl LP collecting, live performance, touring, writing and recording.
  1. Ah, well, thank you, thank you. It's nice to not shave. And yes, Firebirds are very special.
  2. THERE we go! Used the wrong codes last time. And thanks EVERYONE for all of the congratulations! I hope everyone who's ever had a coveted guitar stolen gets it back and quickly!
  3. Took a while to get any pics, because I can't put her down! Here you go,ain't she wonderful? Took the Maestro trem assembly off (it's okay, it's designed to do that!) and ran wrap around. Also, I replaced the old compensated bridge (which someone has slotted, like a nut) with a badass tune-O-matic wrap around. Still have the old one- had it the whole time this old girl was M.I.A.. Never did have the trem arm, so I ordered one the day she came home. I may never actually use it, but I'll have it, you know? Anyway, it sure is grand to be playing her again. -Fud PS- anybody know how to get post bigger pics?
  4. I just had to share this with y'all. About eight years ago, I had my wonderful '65 non-reverse Firebird (three P-90''s) stolen by a former landlord in a rent dispute. I could never prove they had stolen it, and it never resurfaced, so I assumed it was gone forever. Then, out of the blue, I ran into his ex. She HAD it! She stole it from HIM because he owed HER money! So, a little wrangling, haggling, hollering and finally, relenting and I bought her back (at a steal!). So she sits in front of me, as thankful as I am to be reunited. If I ever put her down again, I might get something to eat! So there ya go, wished DO get granted! -Fud
  5. I dunno, man. I love P-90's more than pie and I think they dirty up better than any buck out there. Of course, they sound great clean, but I like mine nice and filthy. So, in basically, what I think was being said is that they are great for overdrive, although they do, indeed, have the best clean tone out there, as well.
  6. I will, indeed, sir. My offer holds firm to help out in any way. Not out of obligation, but in gratitude.

  7. It's done, Willy! Pup finally came today, I suited her up and she's amazing! Sounds exactly like I heard in my head. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. i owe a huge one, sir.

  8. Sorry, sir! Been busy tryin' to get the parts in. I haven't made the swap yet, but I should be doing it sometime in the next week. Bridge position P-94 is on backorder until 01/31. I'm going for .015 caps to keep it bright when I dial down the Vol, but other than that, I'm doing the 50's wiring. Caps, pots, new bridge, shielding tape and ONE pup are sittin' here waiting for surgery to begin! I plan on doing a photo-chronicle of the operation, so keep an eye out for the post. Let me know how your upgrade goes! -Fud
  9. Got all my parts ordered and they should be here within a week. I'll be taking pics of the re-wire and I'll post em up when I'm done. Thank you for all of your invaluable help, sir!


  10. Gibson polish is recommended. Supposedly, it contains nitro. All I know is that the shop I work in uses it and it doesn't cloud or compromise the finish in any way. I've also heard that Martin polish works too, for the same reason. But I, also, use only a dry microfiber untreated cloth on my own stuff.
  11. Hey, Glenn. I just asked a similar question and Willy helped me out with a ton of info. The post is here http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/61124-let-me-rephrase-the-question-p94-swap-questions/ Hopefully that'll be of some help. -Fud
  12. Willy, Again, you've passed along some very important details! Fortunately, because of all of the guidance you've already given me, I had actually already taken these things into account (something I could not have known to do a few short days ago). The congfiguration I'm thinking will suit my needs best is as follows, lemme know what you think- 500k CTS volume taper pots all around for rolling off the volume a little more precisely. I'm going with a .015Mu tone cap. From what I've seen and heard, it seems a little more transparent in the high end. I'm going for the 50's independant wiring configuration to keep the mud out when I roll off the volume and for a little more versatility in the center position. Any issues with this configuration I should know about before I take soldering iron in hand and commence the festivities? And seriously, man, you really are a godsend. -Fud
  13. Thanks again, Willy! I would never have known about setting the pots to zero, or the North-South polarity issue. You have effectively saved me some serious issues. You rule, sir. Thanks! -Fud
  14. By the way, Willy, these videos are invaluable! I cannot thank you enough!
  15. Willy, Thanks for the heads up about this thread, too. I've gotten more succinct answers here that I have in two weeks of searching on my own. As for your answers being opinion based, keep 'em coming! Of course, you and I have very similar opinions, so I may have a bot of a bias in your favor! Seriously, thanks very, very much, man! -Fud
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