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  1. It's probably perfectly legit but Gibson not having a record of the headstock serial number would make me a tad uncomfortable. I would send Gibson very detailed pictures, or have it certified like you are considering. At a minimum, I'd want some type of provenance. In before somebody posts to just shut up and play the dam thing.:)
  2. Nice. I guess with a lineup like that it's hard to call, excellent or more excellent ;) of those, that sounds like spoke to you the most, the J-200 Koa would be most different to contrast with your J-45...the fact it's one of the best looking and distinctive guitars ever made, doesn't hurt either. I've looked high and low for a SCSJ for a price I could swing if I sold a few guitars/amps and the search kind of soured me on them, for the cost over the J-45 Std. Now a Woody Guthrie SJ and we'd be talking. Have fun in the search.
  3. I'm interested as well as I'm about to order some Masterbuilts from GC....I have several sets of EJ16s in my string box...for a reason. ;)
  4. Looking forward to your impressions. FWIW, the Sheryl Crow is a Southern Jumbo, not an Advanced Jumbo.
  5. Why are the only sites offering pre-orders located in Europe? The German site price $2950 US
  6. I'd be soooo in if it was priced around the J-45 Standard...But since the street price on the hog-top LG-2 is $1400 more than the American Eagle, I highly doubt it.
  7. I've had the same experience with the DRRI, I'd trade that for the the Supersonic 22 in heartbeat, or the Super Reverb RI.
  8. Six bids @ $1200 now. This is bad... I reported it too. It still has 7 days to go...it won't make it, lol.
  9. If I were to buy a Tool album (the stuff on the rasdio is killer) what would be the one? Prefer more changes than the heaviest.
  10. Congrats! Seems like LP Traditionals have been getting rave reviews and seems like a great value.
  11. Congrats! Seems like LP Traditionals have been getting rave reviews and seems like a great value.
  12. IF you look the at the list...the prices are in what looks like Euros... What if these aren't meant for the States? ??
  13. Thanks for the info! I'd be down with that.
  14. It's on the list circulating around the forum of the various models that Gibson is doing for 2011.
  15. Looking at the limited runs for 2011, a Non-Reverse Firebird appeared! I've been looking for a non-reverse under $1500 or so. What do you Firebird guys think the "Studio" part means, i.e. what would be your guess as to features?
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