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  1. Does anyone have, or can point me to any information on these guitars? So far I’ve found they are 25.5” scale, some have ebony fretboards and some do not. I’m debating selling an SST to get one since I currently do not have a humbucker-equipped guitar and don’t really want to add another one. I’d like to replace it with something close to the SST. Thanks.
  2. I hope I am not beating a dead horse, if I am please point me to the appropriate threads. I want to try a different pickup in my SG. I play a variety of music, mainly classic rock and a small amount of blues. I play through a 1970 Twin Reverb with Weber Chicago speakers if that matters. I basically want something as an "upgrade" if that makes sense. In the meantime I will look through YouTube. Thanks.
  3. I'm still on the fence with this subject. I had a feeling early on in the restoration the pickups were just about the only thing worth it on this guitar. As it sits it is almost like putting PAFs in a Faded SG Special- nothing wrong with that but that is pretty much the only valuable part of the guitar, and I don't know if that really makes it more "desirable / marketable". Originally I had no plans to sell this guitar, but after a year I got a bit impatient and decided to buy another Gibson. Since the guitar itself is not really of value, and I have more money in restoration than I will probably get back, I could probably sell the pickups and buy some decent Burstbuckers or Fralin pickups. I still have another original Maestro tailpiece and cover as well. I'll take it apart and take more detailed pictures. If the pickups prove to be worth some decent money I could go that route.
  4. Thanks. I'd rather not sell just the pickups but then again I don't think I will need to. I will take more pictures of the pickups after I put more correct covers on.
  5. I recently got my 1969 Gibson SG Custom back from a local luthier. The refinish took 1.5 years to complete. It isn't perfect but it is a lot better than it was before I dropped it off. I'm trying to find a second opinion on what it is worth. A local guitar shop here told me it was only worth $850. Sites like Reverb and eBay have a lot of different prices. Recently an original 1969 SG Custom was sold for close to $5000 on eBay. I know mine is no where near that but I would still like to know if this is a guitar I should play or if a collector could use it more. The story: The guitar has had lots of work done to it. Someone reamed out the back cavity larger. I had the luthier fill it back in with mahogany. He did a great job but it is not the correct shape. It should be a kidney-bowl shape, this guitar has the earlier 60's shape. The toggle switch was moved and filled in. We tried to figure out exactly where it was placed, I have seen quite a few SGs with the "poker chip" tucked behind the pickguard, so that's what he did. The pickups to the best of my knowledge are original. I don't know exactly what the term for them is, whether PAF, T-Top, Patent No., etc. I'm leaning toward Patent No. pickups, I didn't realize there was a technical difference. The pickup covers are being changed out to more original looking gold ones. I have no idea why the luthier put those mismatched ones on, we talked about covers for quite a while because the guitar did not have any correct ones with it. I hope I'm not opening a can of worms with this thread, that is not my intention. Anyway, here are the pictures.
  6. Does anyone have any information regarding the production numbers of these guitars? Thanks.
  7. I can't seem to see the attachment in this thread, but as many have said it would be best to get it functionally sound and play it. I tried that with my '69 Custom however it had been hacked up so much that it was just plain ugly and never really played well. I decided to restore it, the value is already gone out of it. The PAFs and all the extra parts are worth a lot more than the guitar in my case. You may want to keep that in consideration if the body is hacked and you are considering parting it out.
  8. I am almost finished now with the restoration of my 1969 SG Custom. The guitar had been routed quite badly for some electronics in the cavity control area, so I had that filled back in. Unfortunately the luthier decided to fill it in according to the specs of the earlier, '63 style, more thin trapezoid looking than the '69 original style. He said he had to do it this way to make sure it will be structurally good, and can reroute it if needed to the correct size and shape for that particular year. To give you an idea of the routing, this is what it looked like before: I'm wondering since this guitar has had so many mods already if I should have him reroute it again or just leave it with the '63 style cavity plate? I don't think I want to try to sell this guitar as I doubt it has any real value, but in case I do decide to sell I don't want that issue to be a problem. Obviously the guitar will function fine with the earlier routing on it. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know a good place to start sourcing a headstock veneer for my 1969 SG Custom? eBay has one but it isn't correct for my guitar it seems. I need the one without the dot for the i in Gibson. Mine has been carved into. Thanks.
  10. I checked into Lay's and gave them part of my situation. The guy there said usually a busy shop will be backed up for a few months, he would take about 6 months to do it at this time. His price was spot on what I am paying now, which is less than 1/3 of the price Gibson wants. I thought I was getting a deal at first but if quotes line up then I guess that's average. I'm still good with the price but I am going to see what is going on with my guitar first. I really don't want to wait another 6 months, it's already been a year and two months since I've seen the guitar. I may just leave it in its case until I feel like finishing it up.
  11. I'll check some of these people out. I told the person restoring my guitar I'd like to have it back this week, whether or not it's done. I'll give Lay's a call. Thanks.
  12. Do you guys have any recommendations for people to repaint guitars? I checked with Gibson already, I'm trying to get a few different quotes. Thanks.
  13. codyyy

    Gettin' old

    I would look into posting on Reverb.com. I've sold a few things on there with better results than eBay or Craigslist. It's specifically geared toward musical instruments and accessories.
  14. Apparently my 1969 SG Custom is getting close to being painted after a year and two months. Since I have decided not to replate all the gold hardware and leave it worn and also have found a yellowed pickguard in NOS condition, the luthier asked me what kind white paint I would like, since he can "age" it. I told him to make it believable, I don't want a brand new optic white paint job because I'm afraid it will clash with worn/ yellowed hardware. I also don't want a TV yellow finish. Has anyone been in this position before and do you have pics of paint jobs like this? Thanks.
  15. I called Gibson's restoration and repair department, who e-mailed back and referred me to a historian locally there. The guy said that he highly doubts it is authentic so I will treat it as such. I'll probably have it finished and use it anyway. I may have a new pickguard made for it but I don't know how it will look with the original hardware.
  16. It looks like they will, however the curvature around the round side that would go to the outside edge of the guitar looks slightly different. I doubt Gibson would make two different cavity covers, though. Just make sure it is from a 1965 or later like you mentioned, looks like 1964 was a totally different bass in that area from briefly looking through Google.
  17. Here are the pictures of the pickguard. I've decided to leave the masking tape on for now, I'll check with the guy restoring my guitar to be sure about this pickguard.
  18. I will post pics when I get it. The Postal Service missorted it so now it will take a long time to get it. I didn't pay a ton of money for it but I want the right pickguard on it. I could have a new one made for it but I'm afraid it won't blend well with the old hardware.
  19. I'm not sure if this goes in here or under the restoration section. I recently bought a pickguard that is supposedly NOS for a 60s SG Custom. I have not received it yet but the pictures look to be the right one. I am wondering if Gibson would have made these pickguards without beveling the edges and perhaps wrapping them with a masking tape. The holes are drilled and the pickup holes are routed, however the seller says the pickguard is not beveled like original. I can always bevel it so that is not a problem. Could it be a factory replacement part? Thanks.
  20. Sorry, I meant is there a way to buy just the knobs. I'll call someone at Gibson, perhaps they have a few they can spare.
  21. I am curious as well what is good to use. I'm going to buy some Gibson polish but don't know what to buy for the fretboard. Would the Dunlop Lemon Oil stuff work good? I have an old bottle of Planet Waves Hydrate that seems to work well on newer or cleaner fretboards but I'd like a cleaner for my older guitars. Do some products work better than others on certain fretboards? For instance, I have some maple neck guitars and some ebony neck guitars. Thanks.
  22. Is it possible to get the knobs off of a 2015 Les Paul Supreme? Preferably without buying the rest of the guitar? If you don't know what I am talking about, here is a picture of them:
  23. Did the 1969 SGs come with cavity plates? My '69 Custom does not have one and I was wondering if it was something used on those or if it was more for Les Pauls. Thanks.
  24. I understand the profit margin deal, but I would think they would place orders with Gibson (and other companies) a lot more frequently to keep their stocking levels normal. Maybe people just don't buy parts for their guitars anymore. Still, if they expect to do warranty work and repairs, they should stock the required parts to do most smaller jobs.
  25. I used Flitz polish at work, it works real well and it is not abrasive at all that I could tell. You'll want to use something not abrasive, almost like a syrup consistency. I have the same guitar and my plate is in the same condition, a bit oxidized. I haven't gotten around to polishing it.
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