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  1. OMG.. clean as whistle, and 100% authentic Gibson LPC - if the price is right, grab it ! I´d take any gibson 1987-1993 without second thought.. I actually did, many times, and never regretted it - and will never sell any one of them. There was no Custom Shop till 1993, and these were the flagship, with (pre)historic LP Standards of the era.. The best gibson LPs since 1960 😉 ok, some 1968s werent shabby too
  2. Sure looks weird.. strange open book. . other that that - I for one would take trapezoid inlays over small 60s inlays any time... that´s not fish nor bone.. sorry Eric, whatever year was that 335 from.. now that we know it was not a 64 really . The dots are it - for the true 335 feel 🙂
  3. His sound on Super session live is cranked Fender Super Reverb.. As for pickups, I was amazed how close the OX4 low wind set (A4) gets. Now the true mystery wrapped in an enigma is (and probably will never be answered) : Were the speakers in Clapron´s BB Series II combo Alnico or ceramic ? ... could be both by the time frame... playing the 1962hw I´d vote for the first, but I liked the G12C too, even unbroken still... sorry for derailing the thread 😉
  4. Nothing to worry about.. My 07 R9 has big gap, the 98 R4 no gap at all, etc.. it differs from year to year, and all RI´s in your pics look legit.
  5. Wes L5 in VS.. the only guitar left that I am lusting for There is nothing like it. On a side note - my all time favorite Wes tone is the Kenny Burrell´s L7 with CC pickup he used for the 1st (Trio) album.. more woody, intimate or something.. Where can I get one ? :)
  6. August 2011 is the cut off date (time of that notorious raid on Gibson). I´ve got an April 2011 made ES-355 and the fretboard is ebony. So yours is 100% ebony as well. BTW you should be able to tell by the looks if it, richlite is just super smooth plastic (ebony has some surface irregularities, lines, pores etc -much less than rosewood of course, but still).
  7. The wire is (was) there only to keep the saddles in place when the string is changed and when there´s no pressure to keep saddle in place. I can not imagine how would the saddle flip out with string in saddle´s groove (assuming you just slightly loosen them when correcting intonation ).. As for the problem with neck - could be you overtightened the nut when first adjusting ? Compressing the wood too fast so it gives way before the neck can react.. There is a reason to only go by 1/4 a turn at once - or better by only 1/8.
  8. The 2011 ES-335 Dots were shipped stock with wireless ABR-1, so there was no "Gibson fault" And from the pic you´ve posted here http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1172690 it looks like you´ve overtightened the truss rod already... to the point of stripping the nut edges.. Rule No.1 : never force it. This is how the "poor Gibson quality" threads originate, I guess B)
  9. This is (quite sought after) 1971 Reissue of 1954 Std., all original.. shouldn´t have left factory or what ?? Just stop complaining about minor "issues" - if she plays well !
  10. They are not that rare, they´ve been making them through the years, but indeed in very limited numbers, especially the black one.. CONGRATS At the moment, there is one most likely from the same run as yours in Germany: http://www.session.de/GIBSON-Flying-V-Custom-EB.html - their specs say it has rosewood fretboard instead of ebony.. Your pics (and their too) look like ebony to me.. ? Is it ? Then there´s one from 2011 I believe - again in Germany: http://www.station-music.de/gitarre/gibson.html - third from bottom this one definitely has the ebony fretboard.. (I contacted the dealer but gave up buying her - because she wasn´t BLACK :))
  11. Yes, they changed during the years (for worse): quote from other forum: "...57 Classics are a run-of-the-mill p'ups, which since thay were introduced in the '90s modeled by Tom Holms after his own recipe, they never made it to the original specs and they've been cheaped-out and dumbed-down several times along the years. I wouldn't use'em in any of my guitars, unless is a set from early to mid '90s, time when they were still using the closest to spec available materials, including excellent american-made A2 magnets and real Plain Enamel wire. Nowadays they use poly wire that's been dyed to LOOK like PE. " I´d add that it is the same with 490/498s : when you compare the early 90s ones with current, it is a different pickup. I could not take the new ones out from SG fast enough, but I really like them in both my 90s Les Pauls.. in fact, much more than current 57Classics or Burstbuckers.. again, most likely better magnet + wire was used then.
  12. My 2008 57 LPC RI (2-pups) has Classic 57s too. I´ve read from quite a few owners the same. So no matter what specs on Gibson page say, the 57s seem to be found in LPC RIs - sometimes (or maybe often ?). As for the difference between Burstbuckers and 57 - should be difference in balanced (57) versus unbalanced (BB) windings on bobbins, which should result in smoother tone of 57s ... I dont know - they both sound like crap to me .. maybe without the wax potting it would be different story. Gotta yank the remaining ones (LPC,355) out ASAP.
  13. The guitar was made 293rd day of 2012 to begin with. Also the numbers before "13" below the serial no. are visible, although faintly.. So, being a 2012, the fretboard would be 2-piece, maybe the problem has something to do with it ?
  14. Right, it´s not the tuners, but almost always too tight slot in the nut, g + h strings. Play a lot, bend a lot, use pencil lead/graphite or some lube,and it will go away - all my LPs had been like this unless bought used and "seasoned"... I never even needed to file the slot. Just lube the nut and play the thing
  15. Here´s a pic of very likely the same model, with similar ser.No., the VOS treatment on the stopbar can be seen better: EDIT: in fact, VOS is not even a lacquer, it´s just some sticky gunk with lots of mojo
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