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  1. This only applies to 50-year-old designs. For example: the lace alumatone's (sp?) output cannot be measured by resistance.
  2. Scroll down after watching the embedded youtube video to see which was which. http://thetoneking.com/wp/tubes/ Post how many you could guess, and wether or not your perspective was changed about NOS tubes... I guessed the 6L6 right, and didn't bother guessing which one was the mullard... the differences sounded insignificant to my ear between the new el34 and the NOS el34.
  3. A couple of 'em actually... First one would be less offensive to the typical forum poster... I want a Normandy aluminum archtop from their custom shop, with a wenge neck, 24 fret ebony fretboard, graphtech self lubricating nut, locking grover rotomatics, a stetsbar with at tonepros bridge with graphtech saddles [i know, the stetsbar moves the bridge so the strings don't rub against the bridge, but I can still break strings with strumming... not to mention, the only place the gold plating is rubbing off my agile as-1000's hardware is the bridge saddles, so if I get black saddles, that can't happen], and either lace alumatone pickups or Q-tuners, both are good pickups. The finish would be anodized black, and it'd have gold hardware... black pickups (if they're Q-tuners, black winding instead of the red) and gold pickup rings. [note: asked them about everything but the pickup rings, they'll be able to do it. Just need funds.] The other one would be an ed roman semi hollow... Seeing as ed is so anti-gibson and anti-socialist, some people may take offense. This ed roman guitar would have the most awesome custom inlay ever, and will probably be insanely expensive because of that... but the woods are certainly in question at this point... thinking of an ebony fretboard and walnut top, but the back and neck are gonna be something I haven't decided. Maple would probably make it a bit TOO bright, and i'm thinking of having him do a hippie sandwich with a maple back and a wenge center, not sure of the neck. Neck will probably be bolt in (not on, in) so it'd seem wrong to do wenge neck too... then again, it's not a sin to bolt the same kind of wood to itself, so maybe i'll go ahead and do it. Same potential pickups as the aluminum guitar. Dunno what else, i'll probably get broke twice if I get the above guitars... EDIT: the inlay I mentioned would be like stained glass, and I would forbid the use of abalone or MOP. I think abalone and MOP look too gaudy. I want to depict something with the inlay, which I will not mention, because I want to be the first person with the inlay that I'm planning on getting.
  4. http://www.jldguitar.net/warped_tops/fixtop.html hmm if i get an acoustic, something like that would be nice... no warpage...
  5. I think gibson's pickups are overpriced, i'd go for seymour duncans if I were you.
  6. they have some toneclones transformers sold individually for champs.
  7. There was a brand of amplifier... some boutique brand... had blue in the name or was blue or something... it was something you could get custom built, and the gain of the preamp tubes was adjusted independently I think... Does anyone know what i'm talking about?' Eventually I wanted to get an amp from them, heavily modify it, and then build my own version...
  8. Pros: awesome tube distortion, low price, looks nice, suede grill cloth. Cons: not much low end compared to an amp with a bigger speaker. for the price it's definitely worth it.
  9. *sigh* http://www.ehx.com/products/hog ^^ guitorgan in a stompbox. No guitar mangling necessary.
  10. Yes, you are missing parts. No, it's not a thumbscrew you're missing (though I had been ignorant of the resemblance to a thumbscrew before you pointed it out...)
  11. It does mostly depend on the materials, and though there shouldn't be much difference... glue IS stronger than wood... (but in a laminate neck, the glue is running parallel to the neck, whereas if you break of your headstock and glue it back on that's perpendicular to the neck... it's not likely that you'd break off a headstock again after it's glued on once...) and as for tone... glue covering an entire neck pocket (set neck) or on either side of a neck thru (to glue on the "wings") will sap out some of the higher order harmonics and make the guitar less twang-y or fender-ish... i don't think that effect would even be noticeable in a laminate neck, however... your neck mounting method is going to make much more difference than wether or not you use a laminate neck... even your fretboard material should make more difference... so i wouldn't be afraid of going for laminate tone-wise... as for strength... you've still got 3 big chunks of wood, none of which are invincible... and a little bit of glue between them... That doesn't sound like it's going to drastically effect the strength, at least considering where gibson necks are prone to breakage... the headstock and near the heel, perpendicular to the neck... I doubt a laminate neck would be able to prevent breakage in those spots...
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