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  1. He said that already, you didn't read his earlier post.
  2. In case you didn't get that pm i sent you, i'd suggest replacing that ruby tank (looks like a cheapened version of the accutronics type 1) with an accutronics type 8 reverb tank. The type 8 has a 3rd spring, and sounds closer to the 17" two spring "type 4" reverb tanks (the "fender" one that you've got. I have one just like it in my hammond organ- hammond was the first to use spring reverb, and they owned accutronics... accutronics still exists today, and sells reverb units on ebay.) type 4: http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/Type4.htm type 8: http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/Type8.htm edit: screw ebay, you can order on their website instead: http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/ordering.htm
  3. but i practice close to my amp... not 15 feet away... ah well, i guess i'll just have to mess more with the controls on the guitar and less with the amp...
  4. pricey... and replacing the tubes wouldn't just put a hole in your wallet, it'd eat your wallet whole... (hole-whole... get it?) that and i don't care for mixing 6v6 tone with el84's... i'd rather just use 6v6's, thanks. if you want it, suit yourself. I'd like the wattage controls on each channel though... it'd be nice to have a 2 channel amp that can go from clean to power tube distortion without a major jump in volume...
  5. didn't realize they did that... I guess i might have to wait to get an agile Harm 1 until i can afford a pickup swap... Well, there won't be p90-sized q tuners any time soon anyway... and i can't stand 60 cycle hum without raging feedback... does agile wax pot their pickups?
  6. I liked #2 so much i posted it on facebook to rub the "need for tweed" setting in the face of a friend that has a marshall mg 100w 4x12 halfstack...
  7. oh man i want one... that "need for tweed" setting with the riviera.... awesome... oh, and the "fender" reverb was actually produced by a company called accutronics... they originally used them for hammond organs, but fender used them in guitar amps, and we all know what happened then... but anyway, if you want a brand new reverb unit, you can get one directly from accutronics... they have an ebay store, and you can find out what kind of reverb unit you already have on their website (if it's not listed, send 'em an email, they will be able to tell you) That way you don't need to have an old fender reverb for your new epiphone amp...
  8. metal and "modern rock" (it isn't really rock in any sense... it's just a new name for un-shredded metal i guess...)please excuse my language, but damn the 80's. i mean, there was some good music then, but shred and rap completely ruined modern music for me... and synthesizers...
  9. gibson.com ... something about opening in ginza... http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Lifestyle/Features/Gibson%2DOpens%2DShowroom%2Din%2DTokyo/
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