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  1. Personally I would look at a rack / multi effects unit - foot switchable.


    A short delay on an acoustic with no feed back always sounds good to me


    A reverb where you have the ability to not have the reverb tails, i..e just the reflections is cool.


    Modulation is right for some songs


    Compression can be good as well.


    I do like what I have heard of the TC Electronics pedals online, but do not gig myself so have no real need for them. But if you like things like delay / verb / comp all at the same time then having multiple pedals means a bit of tap dancing rather than swicthing to one patch.


    The TC G Natural would seem the obvious choice if you want a multi effect pedal though - not that cheap £600ish.



  2. Note my photo suggestions above.


    For what it's worth, I ain't talented, but taking pix have been part of my paycheck for going on 47 years.


    This is an oddity for a pix, and a bit of hassle - but shouldn't be rocket science.





    sorry had not read your post, hence my post [thumbup]

  3. I like the song and arrangement


    Not sure if it was me or my headphones


    But the second track sounded slightly distorted to me


    Will have a listen later using my Senny HD650 headphones which not lie !


    It's nice to be able to play with people, I have to do all my stuff on my own. Having other musicians helps shape the song / arrangement really and make it sound organic.

  4. You can use a chisel to remove


    Or try this way


    If you heat the knife it will soften the glue


    Tite bond is fine to use


    Have you looked inside to see if any of the braces have lifted or if there is any other cause that needs to be fxed as well.


    Maybe an idea to drill a couple of locating holes through the bridge right into the guitar at each side before you lift. The string holes can be used for this, but if there are very worn new holes may be better, of course you would have to plug them afterwards.

  5. My pad is a country farm house set in 4 acres of grass land, surrounded by mature trees for privacy and a large pond / small lake stocked with carp.


    In a very rural part of the UK so quite cheap really.


    Guitars can be played inside or out, electric or acoustic and at whatever volume I want to as no immediate neighbours.


    Only down side is it takes a day to cut the grass [sad]

  6. The world is full of nice people, bad people, people you like, people you don’t, idiots, intelligence people, normal people, mad people etc... etc.... (add your own type at your leisure)


    You are bound to meet some of them at some point.


    OK you may have to bite your tongue from time to time,


    Life is too short to get wound up for more than a few moments. Believe me this is true as I was on deaths door in 2010 (I am OK now though). Just treat it as experience.


    Form posts are like the television, you can always change the channel.


    Now what do you want me to play in this virtual band, guitar, bass or vocals.

  7. Didn't Gibson look at / produce an ethernet based guitar some years ago


    Not are what came of it


    If you are in the UK, be aware of impending freqency changes for wireless devices like microphones


    Personally I would wait if in the UK to see what happens, or else you could be buying something that will be obsolete and illegal very soon



    see this website - wireless changes UK



    During 2012, any wireless microphones which use channel 69 (790-862MHz) will start to experience interference. It will actually become illegal to use them as this bandwidth will be licensed to someone rather than being free for public use.

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