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  1. A few people I know have recommended Recording King guitars Not tried my self, but might be worth a look, pretty sure they will have stuff inside your budget Thomann carry theml
  2. What you were hearing sounds like comb filtering here is an explanation http://www.moultonlabs.com/more/about_comb_filtering_phase_shift_and_polarity_reversal/ Basically the same sound as the orginal is played slightly delayed with the orginal causing the phasing you are hearing, which results in frequency cancellation, which can suck the core sound out of what ever is being recorded I am guessing that the right sound processing is doing this in some way as you have now stopped using this, but without the manual am guessing. When you record using multiple microphones i
  3. EA I think the 'spitzy' edge to the highs that Em7 talks about is a heavy right hand I suffer from this personally and just have to hold back when recording, when playing live it sort of gets lost in the moment and performance But with a microphone in front of your guitar its like having a microscopic view of your playing. Sounds nice other wise. I would also try a few different plectra and record those and listen to the difference it makes. Its not unusual for the engineer to want the acoustic guitarist to try a few different pics to get the right sound. Heavier strings ma
  4. I can now stop preaching to the converted. Trying to properly assess the sound of a guitar with brand new strings is a waste of time in my opinion.
  5. I hope not I've been learning a finger picking version of Needle and the Damage Done on my J45.
  6. It gets me the way they always call Gatwick, London Gatwick..... London is miles away
  7. Come back in a week once the strings have settled in and lost their zingy edge and record the same again Personally, I love Tomastik strings they have a depth of sound that I just do not get from other strings, my fav for recording.
  8. The last two I read were Eric Clapton: The Autobiography. by Eric Clapton with Christopher Simon Sykes [Paperback] http://www.amazon.com/Eric-Clapton-Autobiography-Christopher-Simon/dp/0099505495/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1336135625&sr=8-2 Life - Keith Richards http://www.amazon.com/Life-Keith-Richards/dp/031603441X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1336135792&sr=1-1 both recommended
  9. An open G chord first (or poss. A or D). Then either something I am working on, or The Circle (Ocean Colour Scene) or Wild Wood (Weller) or Needle and The Damage Done (Young) some blues solo stuff, whatever really. I guess if I noted what I played every time I would find I am probably pretty preditable like the rest of us I guess.
  10. Its irrelevant on its own say I did, 1 hour per week over 30 years, that would total 1560 hours But playing just one hour per week you would hardly improve If I played 3 hours per day every day thats only 1.4 years compared to the above, but I bet you my playing would be considerable better, especially with a proper practise regime My view is its about how and what you practise rather than overall time spent.
  11. I would rather say how I would use the guitars rather than really pick one, but if I had to............... Guitar B for me is the one (J45 ?), I think this would work with just solo guitar and voice better than Guitar A But I do think I would prefer Guitar A in a full band setting
  12. This'll give you the fundamentals http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/music/guitar/guitarintro.html
  13. Nice sound Maybe you can let the strings settle for a week or so then record the guitar thing (second recording) again for us
  14. Nice one mate - loved the gypsy jazz swing thing
  15. You are effectively adding an additional mass to the system An additonal mass could have a damping effect it definitely changes the overall system and could have some impact on the way different frequencies behave / react etc.... A guitar is a very complex system with the overall system reacting to vibrations across the frequency spectrum so it is entirely feasible this could happen Sorry if this sounds a bit scientific, but its the only way I write it really without getting ultra complex. Personally I do not own a clip on tuner, my tuners are clipped on the side my head so can
  16. I guess everyone knows the answer, which ever model you want.... Which make sense anyway as if she does not get into this, its going to become yours anyway
  17. Didn't see an option for a super Laptop so i7 8 cores 8GB must not count then
  18. Many thanks guys for the input - much appreciated I sure the forum member that PM'd me now has enough opinions to decide new versus old Personally I love buying new guitars and then thinking back I am the only person that has really played this guitar and my playing has shaped its sound and the way it is. My Strat has only seen some 31 summers with me from new, but its all me -- but its my guitar and it is me for example. Only been able to afford a Gibson acoustic in the last few years but hope I can say the same thing in x years time to my J45, assuming I am still around that
  19. Near where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail from. In Lincolnshyte as its known here :unsure:
  20. This is from the UK, but might be available in other countries. This mic is being discontinued and is available at a pretty good price compared to what it was orginally priced at se-electronics-gm10-clamp-on-acoustic-guitar-microphone DV do offer their own decent warranty as well Not tried myself, but thought I would post in case others were interested Review For those outside the UK you might find similar offers
  21. For me coated strings have their place. They are good if you play live as they last a bit longer. I use them on my guitars if I have no plans to record as they last longer. But I absolutely hate then once you stick a decent microphone in front of guitar, even if they have worn in a bit I find them too zingy. So for recording it is not coated strings for me. But in terms of a guitar in a shop that may be there for months or possibly even longer and knowing that a lot of shops are struggling at the moment with the way the economy is. The last thing they want is an additional expense ever
  22. Moej45 I sent you a PM regarding this
  23. In case you did not know, Peterson do make a Strobo clip Strobo Clip
  24. I posted this as I got asked via a PM from a fellow forum member So I thought I would start the ball rolling for them, so hopefully the folks Stateside can comment this evening What is your opinion on new Gibson acoustics - current to last few years - please mention models where appropriate My own opinion is my J45 is top notch and sweet sounding and excellent quality, but with all instruments you have to try before you buy. Thanks for replying in advance
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