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  1. And another one with even Gibson content as well as Noel's guitar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3Trs4hZ3MM&feature=related
  2. No issue with mine Check the nut it could be grabbing on the strings, assuming you have strung it up correctly Check out the end of this post on another forum it goes into fine finishing the nut for ultimate performance SOS - Fitting and cutting a replacement nut
  3. Read the Sound on Sound articles I posted early, they will put you on the right track. Do you have access to reverb, compressors, delay etc...... on your tascam or as outboard If not, might be worth recording as you do today, then transferring to the PC for mixing Not sure if your TASCAM is a digital thing or tape ? so this might not be possible without recording back into the PC. Which is another option you record as you do today, lift the TASCAM up to the PC, record into the PC using an audio interface, then edit and mix in the PC
  4. The room you record in will add a lot to the sound, so you need to think about about that Close micing and using Duvets hung behind and in front of the performer can help tame a room, but a bit of experimentation is required I second recording on the computer versus a hardware device Look at Reaper, free to try, full function, lots of good free plugins and wont break the bank to purchase Two channel USB audio interfaces are pretty cheap to buy, then youre are off, assuming you have speakers and/or headphones with your current setup. For example - http://www.musiciansfrien
  5. Take the grill off of the 58 when you record, you might be pleasantly surpised at the result
  6. Small diaphragm condenser (SDC) mics would typically be used in studio for recording acoustic guitar. These require a power supply in order to work. But to be honest there is no rule and it is what sounds right for a particular recording and that why in the studio a number of mics would be trialed to see what sounds best and also you could use a mixture of dynamic, ribbon and condenser mics on the same guitar, micing different positions or providing a room sound further away. If your guitar has a pickup then a single mic combined with the pickup output can work very well and produce g
  7. I’ve changed the words slightly; this was a sort of hit in the UK, way back by a group called Ivor Bigun and the Red Nosed Cowboys It sort of fits this thread My mother said that I never should play with the naughty rude girls in the wood Their giggling talk I could never understood And that’s why I fell in love with my right hand (Chorus) And that’s why I'm a Player I'm a Player And does it good like it bloody well should I'm a Player I'm a Player And I’m always plonking my wood I was 25 years old before I was kissed and then I found that I preferred a swift strum
  8. the SM57 is not really detailed enough to capure an acoustic in its full glory, but it can produce something quite pleasing 3 questions 1) what's your budget 2) do you want to record the guitar in stereo 3) does your recorder have phantom power
  9. you have to put the link in the middle there is nothing on yours http://test reply to this post and you will see the coding
  10. I wouldn't have an issue with this personally I think this guitar would record great with such a tight bottom end You can't beat a tight bottom end for recording, better than a flabby one believe me
  11. I realise you have no wish to progress legal action. But I would ask Bozeman for a report anyway, just in case and so you have it, after all once the refinishing starts this will be impossible to do.
  12. I would suggest asking Bozeman to take a few pictures And provide you with a written report, stating what they consider to be the likley cause. You can then waive this under your luthiers nose and threaten legal action Or it will provide any support you need should you decide to take legal action Their professional opinion should stand up in court if needs be.
  13. Thought this was appropriate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvjQpPEjP8E Hope your baby comes back playing the blues
  14. I have had something similar happen to me years ago I used to do freelance live sound engineering So turned up at a gig to do my job, to find a totally indequate PA which did not meet the bands specifications in their contract. So had to make the best of what was available. Not a good night, totally under powered PA for the job, ended up using a lot more volume from the stage than I would normally do and using the PA for vocals only, but we got through.
  15. One minor correction, if thats OK, I believe the model is a Custom which is part of the standard Gibson line, a Custom Shop is something entirely different
  16. Personally I would take it to a luthier to replace the nut But if you fancy a quick fix yourself, then drop baking soda in the slot, drop in some cyanoacrylate glue (super glue), then file to depth and shape. Mask off the guitar to be sure of not getting the glue where it is not required or causing damage.
  17. As a side bar question to this thread, say you have a guitar that was stamped as built on a particular date on the neck / label etc..... What exactly was the start date, I am guessing some of the neck, sides etc..... are built and stock piled. So what exactly does the date mean, at what point of manufacture does it relate to
  18. looks like the guys lost around 2900$ then
  19. I have no experience of these personally, but what about trying this... http://line6.com/xd-v/micmodels.html
  20. Maybe he has Noel Gallagher guesting on High Flyin' Bird as well ?
  21. No I am not talking studio, but the concepts are the same. Every ones voice resonates differently and each mic will react differently to your uniqure voice that's the point. I also wanted to add. If you record electric guitar, then an SM58 with the grill / shield removed is pretty much the same as an SM57, which is very commonly used for micing up guitar cabs. So you sort of get double bubble with an SM58.
  22. If you want something that works every time you take it out the box and can take the knocks etc…. then go for an SM58 (see my previous post concerning fakes though, if things are cheap then they are cheap for a reason) If you want something matched to your voice then you have to go and test, no other way to do this I am afraid.
  23. you may also hear phantom power refered to as Spook Juice for obvious reasons
  24. I forgot to add, start trying out something like the following Neumann KMS 104 Condenser Vocal Microphone then see what compares in the price range you are happy to pay
  25. SM58 is well used, and for good reasons, It sounds OK with most vocalists, is very reliable rugged etc. which makes it a good touring mic, hence its popularity (which doesn't necessarily make it top dog peformance wise) But it may not suit your voice and if you are buying for yourself it pays to test and choose. People do use condensers for live work and you can get battery power ones as opposed to phantom power or provide your own phantom supply freeing you up from assuming the PA man has 48v available and then finding he doesnt and getting stuck without a working mic. Have a read thr
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