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  1. I think that's what I said above I have experienced this on certain guitars If you do not fret your fingers just behind the actual fret that you get a buzz or not a full sound , if that makes sense
  2. I have experienced this on certain guitars If you do not fret your fingers just behind the actual fret that you get a buzz or not a full sound , if that makes sense.
  3. I recorded my daughter in the summer, I found that due to her not being practised at breathing she was losing control at the end of lines I think we sort of got there in the end Here is a very short sample of the session http://snd.sc/xeNkUj PS excuse the dogs barking on this one
  4. EA to add to what Em7 has said. When you learn a piece on the guitar you learn timing, phrasing, which notes to play, expression etc… A lot of learning is to do with muscle memory (the voice is very similar to a muscle) and hopefully after practise you get to a point where you can play the piece without thinking about what you are playing. Some would say you only really get to enjoy playing music if you get to this point. Singing is exactly the same, you have to learn the tune, phrasing, breathing etc…. to get to a point when you can add your own expression. Now of course an accomplis
  5. Will have a think The Parlour Men for some reason comes instantly to mind
  6. what sort of stuff / styles do you play ?
  7. I am no expert really, this is just pretty basic microphone technique
  8. Use the proximity effect you get with mics for the lower register parts Then back off for higher parts.
  9. Nice to see some love for the Wella Fella outside the shores of the UK
  10. That's an awful of lot of dreams for anyone….. Seriously though, good luck in your search. It sounds like looks are important as well as the sound to you. I moved away from the Portsmouth area some 8 years ago, so have heard of your group
  11. I am a big Weller fan too, see my avatar, it’s one of my own pictures from back in the day. Now it is fine as a fan to own the same guitar as PW and I have no issue with this personally But if you think owning the same model will make you sound the same then forget it. There are too many variables associated with playing style and technique. I have a friend of mine that does a Weller tribute act on a £500 acoustic that sounds great, because he has studied his playing methods approach etc to the degree that the actual guitar does not matter.
  12. My personal advise is put the brand / gauge of strings you want on some 3 weeks before it goes for the setup and supply a new set of the same strings for the actual set up That way the guitar is fully settled for those particular strings in advance
  13. Not very original I know, but... J45 Strat Tele J-Bass etc... etc... is as far as I have got with this and I might add a colour as well, black / white for example
  14. If we are bringing the Devil into this discussion then we had better have TT = T+T+T as well just to compliment the orgiinal progression
  15. wouldn't that simply be a G diminished to D progression
  16. If you are not happy with it, then send it back as the chances are you will never be happy with it. Chat to the people you purchased the guitar from about the issue you have, provide photos or whatever and you might persuade them to pay for the shipping cost. If an item is considered to be not as described etc…. in Europe the onus can be on the seller to cover the return shipping cost
  17. just a thought but can you buy locally a cheap throw away acoustic to learn how to do this we don't need to see a Gibby messed up on here please
  18. I suggest reading this from another forum http://www.soundonsound.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=766160&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=365&fpart=1#766160
  19. Apologies for this, but I could not resist I hope he is a believer or else he could end up in the wrong place
  20. The control panel says Your avatar must be no bigger than 120 pixels by 120 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 150 KB. The following file types are allowed: gif,jpg,jpeg,png I am guessing that if you do not comply with this then potentially your image will be truncated / resized
  21. Forget the guitar, we need to see the new funky hat
  22. I think it sound better than the last clip. And I like it, great playing BTW. Can I suggest you trying hanging duvets behind you, perhaps across a couple of mic stands. To see if you get a more focused sound and eliminate some of the room that you are capturing
  23. You are learning the joys of mic positioning and how it affects recording based on the source sound. Quite often with toppy sounds you need the mic further away to let the sound develop and loose its fizzy top end. But its not only the mic, it's the room as well that contributes Experimentation time me thinks. If you have a pair of good closed back headphones and can get someone to position the mic while you play. You should be able to determine a reasonable mic position whilst playing and listening through the cans.
  24. In general it has to be the guitar I am playing at the time. My stable carries no passengers and each guitar was bought for a purpose and reason. But if you had to push me on this, then the answer would be my USA Strat Plus, as it used to be my main guitar when I played live. And I know every inch of it and it knows every inch of me, inside out.
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