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  1. And this is a surpise Unfortunately, this seller is not able to respond to your question. We suggest reviewing the item again to see if your answer is in the seller's listing. seems ebay is not accepting questions on this item Madman_Greg
  2. Nice so how many pairs of shoes and handbags is this going to cost you ! Madman_Greg
  3. The best advice I can give is to use this google link and read the articles from Sound on Sound magazine in the search results. SoS google search acoustric guitar The room is everything when recording an acoustic. If the room is bad the recording will be bad. You can mic very close and use acoustic isolation / absorbsion panels (duvets / heavy blankets work quite well) to try and minimise the effect of the room. As with any recording there are no hard and fast rules, if it sounds good, then it is. The above links cover standard mic placing and techniques etc..... Sometimes rec
  4. My own J45 is fine where this is concerned But you are dealing with a vibrating mass that will react to different frequencies and some frequencies will be accentuated and some dampened. All guitars will be different as they are all made of different wood etc... and probably have some minor manufacturing differences and dimensions If this really is a problem and its not down to playing style, then I would just use a graphic equaliser or a parametric eq to sort out the offending frequencies Madman_Greg
  5. I prefer my guitars sunburst or natural not red or blue nuff said Madman_Greg
  6. As some have said London, so will not repeat that. The Gibson dealer list for the UK is here UK Dealer List But you need to ring the shops as they all may not be acoustic dealers or visit their websites Madman_Greg
  7. I know this is not Gibson But as far as budget guitars go I would look and try at takamine g_series_dreadnought gs330s or stuff from this range A solid cedar top, quite mellow sounding and good value for money I have one that is 13 years old or so and most people would struggle to identify it as a budget guitar when recorded Madman_Greg
  8. Are these general Gibson models or just for MF Reason I ask is I am in the UK and love the Vine J-185
  9. Hey Matt Just a suggestion, but what about hooking up with some of the guys that jam at Le QuecumBar, say someone like Pete Sheppard. A couple of duets would be good and given the cause these guys might be up for this Madman_Greg
  10. From the organ grinder, not the monkey.... Hi Greg, Thank you for your interest in Gibson. You can indeed install medium 013 string gauges on your J-45. It can be that the neck needs to be ajusted a little bit, because of the extra tension on the neck and to keep the same action on the guitar. If necessary, this must be done however by an authorized dealer or luthier to avoid damage to the guitar and to void the warranty. You can ask the dealer where you purchased the guitar, or ask one of our authorized service centers in the UK if they are nearer to you: Madman_Greg
  11. Have read something similar to the above that EA wrote a few times on the forum And I am confused so perhaps someone can explain Sorry for hijacking the thread I had always assuming that when plugged in the sound from a guitar with an under saddle pickup was produced as follows string vibrates saddle transfers vibration to under saddle pickup where it is converted into an electrical signal OK so some vibration from the woods may end up affecting the saddle, but I had assumed this was very little and the sound largely came from vibrational energy transmission through the sa
  12. I only record these days. But it wasn't one of the options so I did not vote Madman_Greg
  13. Not tried these personally, but at this price you might as well gave them a punt K-Micro Silver Bullet/ Madman Greg
  14. Shure SM81 a little over your budget but worth it Madman Greg
  15. To be honest in a full band situation especially rock it will not matter that much You are going to need to EQ the guitar sound to sit with the band anyway. You are never going to get the full range you get with an acoustic on its own or with your acoustic band, you are competing with too many other instruments frequency wise. Think of when you listen to a rock record with acoustic in it, you tend to hear the upper range of guitar in the mix -- hopefully this will make this understandable.
  16. At the end of the day its about ensuring your music / performance is heard at its best. If that means amplification then you have to do it. You can be as purist as you like, but if half the audience cannot hear then whats the point. You do what you have to do based on the venue. But I do get the point about people destroying the sound with pedal after pedal etc..... acoustic guitar amplification should be subtle unless of course you are after particular effects. Madman Greg
  17. Thomann are pretty well known in the UK and assuming their 3 year warranty is any good actually gives you more than Gibson will give you in the UK The Gibson warranty as I understand it is 2 years in the UK (and I guess Europe) So assuming Thomann warranty is worth the paper its written on and the fact you get a 30 return period, its actually better than you would get from a genuine Gibson Dealer in the UK I personally would struggle to buy a high end guitar without trying it and I suspect Thomann might stop you ordering stuff if you ordered and returned many guitars in a row M
  18. Assessing and selecting a guitar in a shop needs to consider a lot of aspects. And it really will depend on what you want the guitar for. Playability goes without question and you would never select a guitar you were not comfortable with. But quite often you get used to a guitar over time, so a minor niggle in a shop may be nothing once you have played the guitar for some time and are concentrating on playing and not the guitar. I regularly play 3 different guitars at home so things like different fret spacing do not bother me (as an example of something that might bug you in a shop with a
  19. Keep the Rickie under your bed for your retirement fund -- what model is it out of interest ? Save up for the acoustic. Madman Greg
  20. The Sound on Sound Magazine forum Best music technology magazine around and the forum is excellent and as well as us normal people, industry professionals frequent and provide support to questions etc.... Madman Greg Plus TDPRI, but thats the F word............ so no link
  21. But put the costs of a guitar in perspective 3000$ for something that last 20+ years Is only 150$ a year - peanuts That would be the argument with my wife. But she doesn't see guitars, she sees my music stuff. And if I added up all my studio equipment, guitars. amps etc..... she would have a fit. Madman Greg
  22. Maybe get your self a bench, you can then sit in the middle. Perhaps a custom order bench mahogany sides and a maple top Madman Greg
  23. I plan to get a strap made for my Gibson J45 Now I have no plans to fit a strap button on the neck heel, so this will have to be one of those that goes to the headstock and is secured there. I need some advice on what length I should be looking at. Now I could mock up with some string and and old strap, but suspect someone here already has one of these and has the info I need. I am 6' tall and of medium build 42" chest (and for the girls -- blue eyes and brown curly hair) Thanks Madman Greg
  24. Do around a quarter of a turn per day then let the neck settle overnight, after tuning to concert pitch. If you have to put too much pressure to turn the adjusting nut, then stop before you do damage, and visit a luthier, which is probably the best advice anyway if you do not know what you are doing. Perhaps considering buying a cheap s/h guitar to learn how to do setup on before messing up your pride and joy Madman Greg
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