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  1. Van Damme cable with Neutrik jack plugs would get my vote Madman Greg
  2. Most new guitars require some level of set up to suit the player’s preference. There is no way a factory can deliver a setup to your personal needs. Unless you are rich and famous and can add to their advertising campaigns (i.e. you are a rock star who gets to visit the factory and get very personal treatment) you get the factory standard I am afraid. I am not sure if you place a custom order with Gibson Custom if you get the opportunity to chat to Ren or his team about the set up you would prefer. Perhaps those that have been able to afford this can comment. Most new guitars, for exam
  3. and the complete list of stolen stuff Madman_Greg
  4. I suggest you have a read of the following from another forum., it might help you fitting and cutting a replacement nut From the above.... The aim is to reduce the height of the nut until the wound strings are sitting halfway in and halfway out of the nut and the plain strings are just inside the nut. Madman_Greg
  5. There is no obvious way of guessing, I would love to say the J45 as thats what I like me self, but who knows.. So lets take your forum id, Denis57, 5 + 7 = 12, 1 + 2 = 3 so it must be the third on the list as its in written in the numbers So its the Dove.................. Madman_Greg
  6. I used to live 10 mins drive from Langstone Harbour, where this guitar was made (I think) Now I live a short drive from John Le Voi who is also quite famous for this type of guitar Now those Gypsy Jazz Guitars have followed me onto the Gibson forum Maybe I should just give up and buy one and start playing that style. Madman_Greg
  7. Perhaps a piece of wood orginally bound for a L-200 Emmylou Harris ??? Madman_Greg
  8. The only things thats bad about my J45 is I don't get enough time to play it. Have a think about this............... I think it worth trying to put internet opinions in perspective. Now there are always going to be products that are mass produced that for whatever reason miss or fail to get noticed at QA check and get shipped. That’s the nature of mass production, it happens. Not good if it happens to you though. But say Gibson make 2000 guitars in one year of a particular model. Lets say 2 people have problems and make that known via an internet forum or whatever Lets
  9. Gibson are aware of this - from Gibson website Madman Greg
  10. If you have anyone in Oz that has one of these machines, you could also consider getting your guitar setup via this method including fret dress and nut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG4BOLlKOb4 Madman_Greg
  11. So what exactly do you want to achieve, how are you going to work, record guitar first then vocals second ?? or together How many tracks are you going to need to record at once ? There are lots more questions that could come after regarding your computer etc.... but lets get the basic stuff out the way first Madman_Greg
  12. Vintage and Rare have been around a long time and have a good reputation, so could be a genuine error or they are selling for someone else and maybe did not fully check the details Madman_Greg
  13. plenty of different manufacturers here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stomp_box also check out sea sick steve on youtube for his version the Mississippi Drum Machine Madman_Greg
  14. If you find your nails are weak and split. And I am not joking, paint super glue on them. Madman_Greg
  15. And there's the old adage.... If you play something wrong, play it again and people will think you meant it ! Madman_Greg
  16. Looks totally unrehearsed. He does move the mic stand closer to the monitors and put his hand up at one point, which is quite often a signal to the monitor guy to turn it up. So he might have had problems with sound. I guess he would be disappointed at this performance to say the least. Madman_Greg
  17. Mojorule, some comments on your comments But the most notable effect was the mixing at stage 7. That added more bass into the clip for me. Let me explain, what is happening here. The clips through 1 to 6 are all the single input, mic'd guitar only. 7) adds the pickup input (same track / playing). The mic input has a different length of signal path compared to the pickup input. With the mic you have the guitar, then an air gap then the microphone then lead. With the pickup the signal length is different, i.e. shorter. So they are both the same signal but recorded at slightly different
  18. Mojorule. I hoped you like the bell tone, its something I like personally, I assume you meant this was good ? I bought this particular J45 is it sounded a little bit mellow to me which I liked I obviously bought the J45 to play, well to get back into playing as I have been ill over the last few months and not really played much. I will primarily use this for recording at home, so hence my tests to see what it sounds like and get to grips with the best way to record it in my situation. Now I do not have what I would call an ideal recording environment. I also only have budget e
  19. Guth, the first recording was done with the strings from the factory and recorded in a similar way to the second. The second has the following strings http://www.thomastik-infeld.com/ which I think have a bit more depth and a fuller sound, but I am not sure suit the J45 totally yet. As I have only had the guitar since the beginning of Feb and I have yet to have it setup, the strings I end up having on the guitar permanently will probably change. But they do have a massive affect on tonality Madman_Greg
  20. Well I don't mind sticking my neck on the block. I bought a J45 standard this year and here is one of my test recordings, there are mistakes but it was recorded to see what the guitar sounded like and to learn how to record it as well. I like to use a reference point like vocals with the guitar as well. This was recorded at home in my office come music room. My notes say two guitar tracks from one take, one from mic, one from pickup, delay, reverb and compression on guitar, no EQ on guitar, as it was recorded can't really detect any thump but its not really that style the t
  21. Others may disagree. I was told years ago that the heavier the plectrum you can play with the more fluid your playing will be. I use a fender extra heavy and have done for years. But do use a more flexible one if I am playing stuff like The Who's pinball wizard well for the heavy strumming parts. I am also aware that a lot of professional players really play with quite a force and pick quite hard. In the studio its a bit different as the engineer will often get you to try different picks to see how it affects the recorded sound.
  22. Another thing to try if you have a couple of thin picks. You can tape them together across the part you hold leaving the picking end free and untaped and you will get a pseudo 12 string affect with the two picks
  23. I found it interesting to listen to the clips in this post. But did not feel qualified to identify the different guitars. But saying that it was an education to me. It got me thinking about do you really know how your guitar sounds. For example I have a Takamine ((Gs330s) budget acoustic (present from the wife so it’s a keeper, if you know what I mean). This guitar has a solid cedar top so is quite mellow. It plays well, but in the players position, i.e playing the guitar I really do not like the sound that comes back at me. But I had a revelation when I placed a microphone at the
  24. Surely you have to put a permanent address when you fill in the warranty card and that would need to be US based. Madman_Greg
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