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  1. As I purchased a new J45 this year, I asked Gibson the same question, here is the reply. The warranty registration form is valid only in the US. In Europe the warranty of your instrument is valid only through the authorized dealer where the guitar has been purchased and for a period of 2 years. Please conserve the original invoice as proof of purchase and contact your dealer for all warranty issues on your guitar. I am in the UK So no life time warranty :angry: Madman_Greg
  2. Not quite Gibson related, but I bought a new Fender Strat plus in 1990 and it had its first setup in 2009, needed a little fret leveling as well ! Madman Greg
  3. Coda Music for guitars, not that far from you really This guy is good for repairs, but some distance from you - North of Boston Madman_Greg
  4. Thats a bit of a myth, have a read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate Madman_Greg
  5. He seems to have stuck around for quite a time sorry could not resist Madman Greg
  6. I would need to hear the raw recorded vocal tracks to understand how the room they were recorded in has affected the sound. They do sound slightly boxy, but unsure what effects you have added along the way. Suggest the BV do not add a lot and the way they are mixed / processed sound a bit divorced from the song. Nice idea, but needs more thought Hopefully the above is not too brutal, I am only trying to help. If you would like, I can do a mix for you, so you can understand different approaches etc.... I can also critically listen to the vox and give suggestions on improvement I
  7. Here are my comments, please take them in good faith The guitar sounds good, letting it breathe into the room space adds to the sound. But with the reverb you really cannot see what affect your room is doing to the sound. But I suspect you will get a more focused sound by hanging duvets (on temporary stands) behind you and behind the mics – trial and error I am afraid without knowing how the room sounds If you have another mic, I would try recording the vocals through that using on of the mic sockets on your recorder, and using the recorder mics for the guitar, this is going to give yo
  8. If its OK, I thought I would continue on with this thread Here are two sound clips (guitar 1 and guitar 2) I am hoping this will be pretty obvious One guitar is a Gibson, the other is an entry level acoustic, can you guess which is which. Both guitars have the same make of strings and are equally played badly guitar 1 and 2 sound clips Please excuse the playing, I am getting back into it after being quite ill at the end of last year and am improving my strength and coordination as time goes on - not looking for sympathy here. Madman Greg
  9. I'd ask you to go down to the J45(standard) production area and take a few pictures of the actual people that made my guitar (production date Nov 2010). Then email to me. I would keep with the guitar and as the guitar gets passed on when I eventually leave this planet, it can have a complete record of who made it, who played it etc.... and people can keep adding pictures as the guitar moves on to new owners over time.
  10. Sorry quality of recording makes it very difficult to really select one from the other Main Reasons Room guitar was recorded in is far from ideal Microphone choice Microphone placement Have a read here for some background sound on sound article Also check out the test recording I did of my new J45 a short while ago forum post Even though this was recorded in an untreated room with a budget large diaphragm condenser (LDC) microphone you should be able to hear the difference compared to your recordings Oh and I was listening on Sennheiser HD 650 headpho
  11. serial # 13350043 Bozeman Plant , MA, USA December 1st, 2010 Production Number: 43 Madman Greg
  12. He went up in my estimations following the gigs with the Faces last year - he did a great job replacing Rod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI0LzwlImmk while we are on this subject here's Ronnie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_n0LAQ6exo Madman Greg
  13. How is the guitar balanced acoustically, have you mic'd it ? If that is OK, then use EQ, you can always take frequencies away but never add them. Madman_Greg
  14. Hi all, I join the forum a short while ago. I have just bought my first Gibson, a J45 Standard and its great, just what I have always wanted in a acoustic guitar. Why I did not do this ages ago I do not know. I put a mic in front of the guitar and also tracked the pickup at the same time (you can hear a mix of the two), here is the result, sounds sweet to me. A bit of compression, some delay, but no EQ this is as recorded. Excuse the vocals, they were not recorded in an ideal room so sound a bit boxy. Comments on the guitar recording welcomed, click the link below. J45 test record
  15. I quite like these http://www.thomastik-infeld.com/guitars/index.html Madman_Greg
  16. its our way of paying you back for messing with our language Madman_Greg
  17. Bob, I went to a good dealer. Just wanted to know if the customs came with any of the fancy cases as they have done in the past. Anyway, it does not matter as I bought a J45 standard, preferred the sound of the Mahog to the Rosewood body So today became NGD - Madman Greg
  18. No reason apart from I am going to a store today and wanted to ensure I understood what the complete package was Thanks for thr responses Madman_Greg
  19. Can anyone please advise what case comes with the current J45 custom, the one with the tree of life inlay on the headstock only (i.e. not the vine). And what color is the case Does it have a humidifier with the case Thanks Madman Greg
  20. Many thanks Mr Whirligig I think your observations are on the money,. Having a look on line last night after my post, I think the spec looks similiar to the TV model, but with the Custom TRC and cherry burst. No other fancy bits I can remember. This is in the UK, price was around £1800 s/h. Guitar played very well, I guess I could get the wood specs and serial to add a bit more info if this would help trace it. Madman_Greg
  21. Guys I am wondering if you can help. Is there a list of the different Gibson J-45 Custom models produced over the last few years or so available anywhere to download or on a webpage anywhere. The reason I ask is as follows, I was in a store today and they had a J45 Custom model 2009 that I could not recognise (sorry could not take any pictures). No Electrics Tuners had white buttons – not see this before Burst seemed more cherry coloured thn brown No other details apart from the fact it said custom. I know of the custom vine and model after that which had the inlay patter
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