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  1. Here's a link to my YT page of me playing the last week. I used my Tascam DR-V1HD recorder and had to set it away on a table, so the angle is off.
  2. I went ahead and replaced the mini-humbucker with a Entwistle HV-M and Seymour found me a JB Model slanted humbucker in the warehouse. No more squeal, and rich tone!
  3. If you're using Audacity, I assume you're using a PC/Laptop? If so, than you're using 'Mic-in' to record? The sensitivity on those soundcards is really not made for instrument recording IMO. It would best to get a external USB audio capture device and a decent mic.
  4. I have it and have been using it more lately because I also have Reaper. I've been using Reaper for the past five years, and I had SONAR LE, which came with Boss BR recorder. At that time my PC was a single core AMD and SONAR crashed if I had more than 4 tracks running with plug-ins. I built a quad-core Intel based PC and I saw that SONAR was $29, so I got that as well. As with any software, there can be learning curves but since I already had DAW experience with Reaper it wasn't too steep. Right now I'm just experimenting with using soft-synth plug-ins and creating ambient tunes, just to get used to the recording interface, than I'll start recording guitar tracks.
  5. My '72 Strat squealed and I potted the pickups, and you're right, the tone sucked. I waited almost 20ys before sending the pickups to Lindy Fralin and had them vacuum potted, that made a huge different. I'm gonna email Will (Dr Epiphone)first before I do anything.
  6. I know they meant well, but you're right. Also, I'm thinking it's a potting issue. When I change strings, I'm going to take a look at that PUP. My Epi Dot, and Flying V don't squeal at all at 'high' volume.
  7. I just brought a new Nighthawk, and the mini-humbucker squeals at high volume. Does anyone else who owns one have the same problem?
  8. I backed Snapper Mitchum (Son Seals bassist & band leader) last night at the '2013 College Corner (OH) Fall Blues Fest Benefit'. This was the first time playing my Epi 'Flying V' live since I got it last month. Here is a short video clip link
  9. I recommend Reaper. When I wanted to learn DAW recording (I was using my Boss BR-8, than later a Boss BR-600) my brother sent me Cakewalk (he works for Roland), it was too memory intensive for my single core AMD 3300+ PC, if I had more than 3 tracks running with plug-ins. I read about Reaper, downloaded & brought it (for $60). There was a small learning curve, but since I was used to recording, it didn't take me long to start recording using Reaper. I now have a BR-800, which I prefer recording with, and I still use Reaper mainly to insert Drumcore drum loops. The drums in the BR recorder are PCM, and as long as I note the tempo, I can match tempo to any drum groove in Drumcore, and drop 'n drag the loop into Reaper.
  10. Not to drift the topic, but IMO the BOSS series is much easier to record. I mainly use the BR-800 because it seems to be a faster way of recording. I have a Cakewalk UA-4FX external USB audio device that I use to connect my guitars for DAW recording with Reaper. It seems to be harder getting a bass tone as well, for me. I have hundreds of plug-ins, for example AmpliTube and Recabinet but a lot of times I just find that right guitar amp plug-in. With the BR, I can easily dial-in/tweak a amp sim, or mic my amp (the UA-4FX does have a mic input). Still the drums in the BR are PCM, again, what I'll do is record all the tracks to a initial drum arrangement in the BR, export the track stems and import the stems into Reaper. And as long as I remember the tempo, I drag 'n drop drum loops using DrumCore. I did this when I recorded .
  11. I record with Reaper as well. But I mostly record guitars/bass and vocals to either my BOSS BR-800 or BR-1600, than I import the tracks to Reaper and add drum loops using DrumCore and than master the track with a FX chain I created in Reaper.
  12. I know for sure that George uses two Fender Twins, mic'd with SM27 large-diaphragm Shure condenser mics live now, and I'm sure he uses the same setup for recording. Sweetwater has them for $299 SM27 - Sweetwater. What are you using for recording? BTW, I took lesssons from Benson back in the eary '80s.
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