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  1. Hi all, I had decided after another thread I started not to swap some of the parts on my Sheraton, but I suspect the bridge is not helping my tuning - it has corroded somewhat. I'd done the obligatory searches - but it seems that parts for it are hard to find as they have been made differently over time. The parts I ordered from one supplier Stewmac were too short (bridge and tailpiece) Knobs I ordered were also wrong (I have one amber and one blonde and wanted them consistent) Yes what an disaster! Does anyone know where else I can look? If it's a bit tricky I'll probably just keep it as it was.....:-) Chris
  2. That's lovely bryanfofyan...no idea they came in that colour... It is tempting to change them to chrome - but then everything has to be changed to chrome...and then seeing as I've got the dark red...mmm. @RaSTuS I had to learn how to use a soldiering iron at school - but the last time I tried to make some balanced mic cable - I was hopeless. Anyway thanks for all the amazing replies - I'm chuffed that people have shown an interest in my guitar, when I was out gigging I thought I was the only one who played one - in the world! Here's a terrible picture of me playing it, in a terrible suit, in some dive in London, about 16 years ago. I'll keep you posted on what I do with the guitar...
  3. I wasn't expecting so many replies - and I was half expecting people to tell me to flog it for peanuts! Appreciate the responses. At the neck pick up position it crackles and sometimes cuts out, but the more I toggle the switch the better it gets. All the tone and volume controls crackle. I'm inclined not to replace any of the hardware now - If I don't replace the pick ups - it's going to look a bit odd. I'll have a think...Does all gold hardware corrode like this? @vomer - what is the Samick model? You may notice from the picture I did one mod I had to replace one of the tone/volume pot controls! I couldn't find one back in the day that would match the dark amber cover - even in London. Probably have better luck now... Chris
  4. Hi all, I have and early 1990's Epiphone Sheraton - it cost me about £500 new. It's the model before they changed the scratch plate - the 'E' is printed on in white. I'm not sure what else they changed, but the scratch plate definitely distinguishes this from the later model. It's served me well, as has been gigged fairly extensively - but of the last few years I have kept it hidden away. The condition is not a disaster - but the electrics are playing up a bit and most of the hardware has become tarnished. I quite fancy upgrading the hardware, replace the scratch plate etc. - but at the same time I thinking just to leave it as it is! Could these budget models ever be worth any money - or can you safely upgrade them, and just keep the old hardware... I really don't much about the process - I don't know if anything can be done about the electrics. Anyway hopefully somebody can take a view....nudge me in the right direction. Chris
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