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  1. I thought that was gonna be great news for Gibson fans.... :mellow:
  2. Joe Bonamassa himself has confirmed the rumors in his facebook: "Received a factory Gibson JB proto.. plays great.. I hope to get them out soon.. Qudos to Gibson for doing a great job making a affordable guitar play and sound great. " It is suppossed to be a limited run of 600 guitars. At this store the already have it listed: http://www.andertons.co.uk/electric-guitars/pid20175/cid556/gibson-joe-bonamassa-les-paul-studio-gold-top.asp
  3. Well, some time has passed and my impressions about the invader have improved. The ceramic pickups (dirty fingers I think) are impressive, the neck pickup lacks a bit of definition but with this pickups the guitar sounds tight! I mean, whatever you play it has great dynamics, it's like a vintage sounding guitar with ceramic magnets, awesome. One more doubt, Is it the finish on the invaders nitro? I guess so but... not sure. Take care dudes!
  4. Wow man!!! i just can't stop playing it!! it sounds so F**** awesome! to describe it in two words: it sounds VINTAGE & CRISPY! Veeeeeery crispy. The only guitar I own that gives me that response in clean.
  5. Cheers mate! BTW,Does anyone know wether these guitars are nitro finished?
  6. I have a new baby!!! The invader is at home now. I promise to post my impressions and try to throw some light on this guitars. I haven't connected it to my amp yet but even playing unplugged seems to be a very special guitar, and that's awesome. Thanks so much!
  7. Aupa Santiago! Cheers for your comments on the guitar. As I told you before to get the Invader the B.C Rich St_III must go, I have no other choice. So tacking this into account, would you guys change one for the other? Thanks guys!! you are helping me a lot. P.S: BTW, This is the B.C Rich St.III :
  8. Thanks very much for that info!! So what kind of wood can be apart from Mohagony? I suppose Gibson back in the 80's used quite nice woods even in their lower guitars, I mean this is a Gibson USA from the 80's so a minimum quality should be expected ,right? I think I'm finally getting one. But would you buy one of these?
  9. Thanks for the answer. I still got some doubts. I know that the body wood should be mohagony but in the pictures does not seem like mohagony, does it? And about the pickups, dirty fingers? Is the first time I've heard so! It seems a rare and nice guitar. Any other opinions? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys! wow there are some terrific guitars aorund here... Here's my faded, a Studio VIntage Mohagony Les Paul with PRS Dragon Pickups. Sounds really special:
  11. Hello Forum, This is my very first topic in this great forum, so Hello Everyone! I live in Bilbao, in Northern Spain I study at uni and I love guitars. I like almost every kinds of rock music but I especially like bands like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam... Well, after this brief presentation... I own six guitars (Fender cntemporary strat, fender MIM strat very upgraded, Gibson LP Studio w/PRS Dragon II pickups, B.c Rich StIII, California Ce-204, Stagg r-500) and I am thinking of selling my B.C rich St-III MIJ to buy a Gibson Invader. But the fact is that there's no much reli
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