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  1. Hi, Mine is a 07' made 57' reproduction so its not really the same instrument, but I got no glitter, just deep inky black.
  2. Hi Guys, I have read that if a guitar gets to cold, the finish can crack. I keep mine in a reasonably warm room [not below 19deg] but I have noticed 2 marks that I havn't seen before, they look like scratches, one on top the other below, they are about half an inch long and only about as thin as a hair, but dont look like plain surface scratches, they look a bit deeper but are only visible from some angles. I'm not complaining about the guitar, I think it's great and if they are light scratches thats fine, I just want to find out if they are scratches or the start of cracking paint so that if it is the start of cracking I can raise the room temp. Incase its relevant, the guitar is kept in its case at all times when not in use. thanks for any help.
  3. Same tuners as on my 57' only differance to the look of the whole guitar are the gold coloured pick-up covers on my 57'.
  4. Get the nickel covers from a 58" standard VOS, then they'l look aged anyway.
  5. Hi, I keep my 57' VOS in its case whenever its not in use, but due to the cold weather at the moment, iv'e been leaving the air-conditioner on a pretty constant 18 deg, a friend told me that having the air-con on warm for extended periods can lead to the air drying out, and that to help stop any damage to the guitar, I should leave a container of water in the room to maintain some humidity and stop the air drying out. Does this make sense to you longtime players? or does it soud like bulldust? thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks Admin, now that I know what the LPB-7 stands for, could you tell me why people refer to there guitar as an R7, R8, R9 or,R0 ? thanks again
  7. Hi, I recently bought my Gibson LP 57' Custom VOS. On the COA I can understand what the LPB- stands for on the Model number section, but what does the 7 that follows it stand for? Also, I have noticed people refering to there guitar as a R7, R8,R9, etc what does this stand for, and what would that make my guitar? it was made in 07' if that makes a differance. Pardon my ignorance, but its my first Gibson. Thanks for any help.
  8. w66

    Need Admin Advice.

    Thanks Admin, Much apreciated, just trying to keep my guitar in as-new condition. thanks again, wolf.
  9. Admin, Could you please answer a question for me. Last week I bought my LP 57' Custom VOS, Great guitar, but I noticed that 2 of the 3 screws holding the round switch cover at the back of the guitar were tightened correctly, but the third one was over tightend and it has cracked the cover. I am happy to buy a new one, and I know I need to order it through my guitar shop, but could you please tell me if I can get a VOS finished one, since I want to keep my guitar in original condition and I would rather not have a shiney new looking cover that clashes with the rest of the guitars paintjob. thanks for any help, wolf.
  10. w66

    cleaning my Vos.

    I'm not tryin to come of as sounding like a smart ***, but in a previous email Admin said that a Vos has the same amount of laquer/finish as a glossy model, if thats the case then why does it sound like the finish on a Vos takes WAY more care than the finish on a non-Vos to keep it in prime condition? thanks, wolf.
  11. w66

    cleaning my Vos.

    Hi Barry, How often do you hydrate your fretboards?, this is all new to me but at least if I follow all the suggestions that I get here, I should have my work of art for a long time to come. thanks.
  12. w66

    cleaning my Vos.

    Thanks for telling me that, luckily I only bought it last week! thanks again, wolf.
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